Any man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a formal suit. With this article, know the different types of men’s suits that you can buy.

Types Of Suits

As you progress towards your professional life, it becomes essential to know the dress code that is prevalent in your work culture. Only then can you select the right clothing for that environment. The corporate environment demands formal suits and accessories, as they exude a unique style statement and professionalism. Needless to say, you tend to display a distinctive character after donning a business suit. For this reason, suits are characterized by class, elegance and sophistication. However, these suits are not restricted to business and corporate environments; and can be very well worn on special occasions and formal events. Thus, having the best formal business suit is a must-have for every man. For a unique and distinguishing touch, add on a few stylish elements to complete that graceful and charming look. Surf through the following lines to know the different kinds of suits you can select from. Take a look!
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Different Kinds Of Men’s Suits
Double-Breasted Suit
Though a double-breasted suit is a more formal style, it is never considered to be a serious business suit. As such, this suit is more suitable in creative fields, such as graphic arts, public relations, event planning, and so on. This is why double-breasted suits are mostly left for ‘after five’ events and more social settings, as they reveal the fashion sense of the wearer. The shirt generally has a spread collared shirt, which can be a European-style spread collar, a full-spread collar, a half-spread collar, a sculptured-spread collar, or a cut-away collar. Due to broadness of the collar, the tie should be worn with a full Windsor knot. For the complete creative look, compliment your suit with shoes, like a Kiltie Tassel loafer, lizard or alligator skin shoe, or a monk strap and buckle style shoe.
Three-Button Suit
Three-button suits comprise of jackets that have no vent in their back. However, you can find them with a single vent or double vents occasionally. Classic or standard collar, pointed collar, tab collar, and spread collar are some of the most appropriate collar styles to don with a three-button suit. But if you want to reveal a more relaxed look, pick up a shirt with a button-down collar. The best shoes to pair with such suits are the cap-toe styled shoes. Alternately, you can also pick up a square-toed shoe. However, keep away from exaggerated square-toed shoes, as they move out of fashion too quickly.
Traditional Suit
In simple terms, a traditional suit is a two-button suit. Such suit models have a single vent on the back of their jackets. Depending upon the message you want to convey to the onlookers, you can pick up from the variety of shirts. While a collared shirt looks great for a formal event, for a more traditional feel, select a classic style collar or a pointed collar with a half Windsor knotted tie. Alternately, wear a spread collar with a full Windsor knotted tie for a more stylish and trendy look. Wing tip-styled shoes are the best option to complete your traditional suit.
Sport Coat or Blazer
Put on a completely relaxed look with a sport coat or blazer! Sport coats or blazers come in various styles - double-breasted, two-button style, or three-button style. They can have single vents, double vents, or no vents at all. These suits are worn with a button-down collared shirt to convey a more relaxed, or casual, look. Put on a half-Windsor or four-in-hand knotted tie if you are due to attend a formal event. The tie, however, can be given a miss in case the occasion is entirely casual. Shoes should generally be slip-on styles, such as penny loafer, Venetian, moc toe, or buckle strap style shoe.

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