When it boils down to engagement rings, it hardly gets better than pear shaped engagement rings. Read your way through this article to know how to buy pear shaped engagement rings.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

A man falls in love with a woman. He asks her out on a date, she says yes and the two end up seeing each other. Soon the man realizes he’s helplessly love in with the woman and decides to ask for her hand in marriage. So on one of their many dates together, at a place the couple have haunted the most, the man gets down on his knees and opens a box containing an aesthetic pear shaped ring. The woman in her moment of glory and post looking at that gorgeous ring says ‘yes’ to the man. Yes, pear shaped rings are really that pretty and can have unexplainable but gleeful effects on a woman. However, buying a pear shaped ring every wise man’s son doth know is not the easiest thing in the world. It requires patience and more importantly an eye for detail. If we lived in an ideal world, you could just walk into a jewelry store and pick up the pear shaped ring that caught your eyes the most. Sadly however, we don’t and it is necessary to gain expertise in buying a pear shaped ring. Read on!
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How To Buy Pear Shaped Engagement Rings
  • Buying engagement rings is an affair that requires utmost care. Buying pear shaped engagement rings however requires a lot more attention. This is mostly because the pear in pear shaped engagement rings is almost always a diamond, and everyone knows that buying a diamond or any other precious stone is no walk in the park.
  • When you are buying a pear shaped stone you will have to ensure that the stone on the ring has a minimum of fifty eight visible facets on it. It is these facets that help differentiate original pear shaped engagement rings from cheap replicas of the same. As far as the stone goes however, it does not necessarily need to be a diamond. It would simply suffice for the stone to be a precious stone.
  • Another thing to look out for when investing in pear shaped engagement rings is the arch that should be visible at the bottom of the pearl. Most people tend to only look at the top portion of pear shaped engagement rings, and hardly look at the bottom. This is extremely important because it is the arch that makes the stone look like a pear. You may also want to know that jewelers have this annoying habit of doing away with the arch to increase the karat count of the ring.
  • As far as the ratio of the length of the diamond to its width goes, it is advisable that it oscillates between 1.50-1.70. Anything more or less than this balance shared between the length and the width of the diamond would not make for a pretty sight.
  • The stone on pear shaped engagement rings when looked at from any angle should be symmetrical. You do not need to be an expert to recognize symmetry on the stone, one look at it and you will be able to tell if the stone’s symmetry does justice to it.
  • Assuming the pear shaped stone is a diamond, it’s necessary to ensure that the ring is set with six prongs as opposed to three prongs. It’s a known fact that gold and platinum are the best bases to work with. These metals help supplement the beauty of the pear shaped ring.
  • The point of the pear shaped stone on pear shaped rings should be sharp. To help guarantee the durability of the stone and the safety of the person wearing the ring you have got to make sure that the sharp stone is concealed in a V-shaped prong.

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