Get a young and hep look by learning how to style your goatee beard. Read on further to learn about various goatee styles.

Goatee Styles

Men’s beard has been defining the style statement since ages now with different styles and looks shaping a man’s face from time to time. Beards and moustache have been worn and spoken about by men with great passion and pride. Beards have found their way in and out of fashion over the years with people coming out with unique beard styles inspired by actors or by fictional characters in book. One of these famous styles which is quite common today is the goatee style beard. A topic of mockery on men, who had little beard growth only on their chin area, has today become a style icon being adorned by famous celebrities and players. This is a style suitable for people having good hair growth in the chin area. It is quite fascinating to learn that how little trimming and styling in this area of the face can provide a unique and catchy look for men. This article provides you with different goatee styles for you to choose from to suit your face cut.
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Goatee Beard Styles
A modern styled goatee is a close shaven goatee which can be worn with or without a short moustache. It is a very clean and neat look which requires constant maintenance. You can wear a short moustache that can stand separate from the goatee.
This is a style in which a man wears a sharp, pointed goatee along with a sharp and pointed moustache. The moustache and goatee in this style is not connected together and therefore the beard requires a lot of maintenance. This official style is named after the style of facial hair worn by the historical French Musketeers.
Soul Patch
Soul patch is another form of goatee beard. It is a thin patch located below the middle of the mouth that is usually kept trimmed. A soul patch can either be only a tiny patch below the mouth or a thin patch running from the middle of the mouth till below the chin.
Van Dyck
This style is named after the 17th century painter, Sir Anthony van Dyck. The style consists of a very thick goatee with a thick connecting moustache. In order to enhance the style, the moustache is turned up at the ends and even the goatee is twisted at times to turn up at the ends. It requires little maintenance but needs styling every morning.
Wild West
A wild west goatee style is a thick and shaggy goatee which consists of a heavy handlebar moustache connected to a thick and flat goatee. This style requires least amount of maintenance when compared to the other goatee styles. 
The Chin Curtain
The chin curtain is the facial hair grown towards the lower portion of the face at the chin that follows along the jaw line. This style can even be worn in a modern style with the beard trimmed thin making it an even pattern along the jaw line.
The Chin Strap
This is a goatee style in which the goatee is trimmed carefully to leave vertical lines on either side of the mouth. The middle of the goatee portrays a very thin line running down the beard. The outside of the edges of the goatee continue to run straight down the face with the sideburns thinly edged and running down the jaw line into the beard.
The Chin Strip
The chin strip is a simple vertical line grown under the bottom of the lip that runs down till the bottom of the chin. It is a narrow growth and can be grown to a length you wish.

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