Beards are so cool provided they are well maintained. Learn how to groom them into trendy styles as you open this insightful article.

Beard Grooming Styles

Beards are timeless. We’ve seen caveman sporting ragged and unkempt facial hair, and it’s a trend that has successfully passed on from generation to generation. While earlier it was a necessity, now beard has become a style statement. Of course, conventional norms often demand the clean-shaven look but as of today, these norms are tearing apart. Beards are cool, and to many, they signify manliness. For eons and eons, a beard was an integral part of men from various religious backgrounds but in the 21st Century, beards gave men that edge in the fashion world. Can you imagine Sean Connery or Kabir Bedi without their hallmark beards? You sure can’t! Moreover, growing a beard entails tons and tons of patience. No doubt, a beard lends character and maturity to a man. Women have several fetishes, and for some of them one of the foremost is “A charming classy man with a beard or a goatee”. There is a huge variety of beard grooming and trimming styles that every man should experiment with. You never know what suits you till you give it a try. Here are a few beard grooming styles worth giving a shot. 
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Styles Of Beard Grooming
To be able to carry, and maintain the following beard grooming styles, it is necessary to be hygienic. You need to regularly shampoo the beard, apply conditioner and massage it in a circular motion so as to remove accumulated dirt. Dry your beard with a towel when wet, and massage it with olive oil to stimulate steady growth. Use a brush or comb for shaping assistance, and scissors or beard trimmers for easy trimming.
Goatee Beard Style
If you can pull it off and look cool, then don’t miss it. On the other hand, if it makes you look like a goat, snip it! One of the most popular beard grooming styles, the goatee transcends every other style.  It either covers a part of the chin or the entire chin itself. Depending on your personal preferences or on public opinion, you can either trim the beard or let it grow long. Moustaches accentuate this look. As followers of this style like to say “Be a hottie, wear a goatee!”
Balbo Beard Style
Balbo beard style is very similar to the goatee style. It demands that the beard and the moustache should not be linked to one another. In another variation of this style even the moustache can be omitted. Shape and trim the Balbo beard to the desired size. This style is neat and it’s upbeat!
Full Beard Style
It’s not too hard to visualize what this style looks like. The name says it all! To maintain this style, shaving is a strict no-no. Grow this beard to cover the entire chin and cheeks, and try your best not to shave often. Shaving and trimming might be required once in a month to prevent haphazard growth of hair follicles. It’s not difficult to grow this beard but maintaining it might be a pain in the neck.
Soul Patch Beard Style
Picture the patch of skin under the lower lip, and the chin. That is what we call the ‘soul patch’ and this is where we concentrate the facial hair growth in this style. One can grow either a simple patch of beard, or a spot of hair or a full-grown and dense beard. Modify it according to your personal tastes and requirements.
Chin Beard Style
Closely groom and trim a full beard, so that the cheeks are shaved completely. Keep a thick line of hair along the side of your face right up to the chin. A moustache gives the chin beard style a very complete look.
Mutton Beard Style
This style is largely popular amongst the British crowd. The mutton beard style is also very common amongst rock bands and musicians. For the mutton beard style, you have to prune your side locks to grow long until they reach the jaw line. Shave the rest of the area, or you can leave a little if you please. The thickness of the lock too depends on the wearer's preference.

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