Nicely trimmed and maintained beard goes a long way in enhancing the personality as well as the facial features of men. So read this article that instructs tips on how to trim your beard.

How To Trim Your Beard

Men keep beard for a variety of reasons, like enhancing one’s personality as well as one’s facial attributes. For instance, men who have narrow or oblong-shaped face find that their maintaining a beard gives an oval appearance to their face. On the other hand, some men maintain finely-trimmed sideburns to "narrow" down a round face or emphasize a square one. The trick, thus, lies in (first) understanding what type of beard will look good on your face and then keeping the beard nicely trimmed and well-maintained. Beard definitely add to the x-factor of a man and make him appear more handsome, but only if it has been properly trimmed. Read through the article to know how to trim your beard in the most attractive manner.
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Trimming Your Beard
What Things You Will Require 
  • Mirrors
  • Beard Trimmers
  • Combs
  • Scissors 
Instructions On Beard Trimming 
  • Even before you begin beard trimming, first think how you wish your beard to appear, after you have finished trimming. In other words, how you want to style your beard. 
  • Get a good beard shampoo. This will make sure that your facial hair maintains the right texture and is easy to handle.
  • Carefully wash your beard with the shampoo and rinse it with cold water. Applying shampoo will soften your beard and will make your task easier.
  • Allow your beard to dry properly, before you start the work related to trimming it. Do not trim wet hair, as the hair tends to be longer when wet and will shrink when properly dried. So, wait till the beard is dried completely.
  • Now, prepare yourself with the basic equipments that would be required for the trimming process. You can choose to use either a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer, to trim down your beard.
  • For trimming the beard with a scissor, first comb it in such a way that all your facial hair faces the same direction. You should also make sure that the hair is at its maximum length.
  • Once, the hair is set, trim your beard carefully in sections around the outside of the comb. Beginners should trim the beard in smaller sections at first, in order to avoid any mistakes, which generally happen in bulk trimming.
  • Trim conventionally, around the upper edges of the beard.
  • Next, trim the beard around the cheek and the jaw line area. Take care to clip very little hair, lessening the beard's volume steadily, to the length you want.
  • From time to time, between clipping facial hair, use a comb to detect and trim any stray hairs, till the beard is evenly cut.
  • As the trimming comes to an end, wash away the clippings.
  • Using a beard trimmer is much easier than using the scissor. You simply need to hold your beard hair in place and make your beard trimmer move along the length of the comb. However, the beginners should be extra careful in handling the beard trimmer. 
  • If you have or want a moustache, then trim it down too, to go with the beard. 

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