A rough and hard beard can spoil your overall style, giving you a scruffy and rumpled appearance. Glance through the article and learn how to keep a beard soft and appealing.

How To Keep A Beard Soft

A beard is a striking style of facial hair that well complements your bone structure and eyes. Apart from that, beard can also help a man conceal away certain imperfections such as ruddiness, scars on the face and so on. Different people have different reasons to grow their beard. While teenagers grow beard to sport a punk and tough look, others grow it basically to catch up with the new style or fashion statement. There are yet others, who believe that since beard is a symbol of manhood, it should adore the face of every man. Whatever be the reason for growing beard, it is very important to keep the beard well groomed. One part of grooming the beard is to keep it soft and finely laid and not wear it on shabbily. Rough and tangled hair is a strict no-no for people with beard. In case you too are sporting a beard and face the problem of rough and coarse hair, this article is for you. Read on to know how to keep your beard soft.
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How To Maintain A Soft Beard
  • While shaving, rinse out the residue continuously after few strokes from your face. If you don’t rinse the residue, it would not only put a nasty gunk on your face, but will also make your skin go rough. Make sure to use warm water while shaving, to open your pores so that you can shave without any irritation.
  • You can even use some coconut oil to soothe your beard before shaving. Take some coconut oil, warm it a bit and apply it over your beard 30 minutes before going in for shaving. Coconut oil is a very good softening product. Application of this oil would make your skin smooth to touch. Apply a cold compress after you are done with shaving to close the pores.
  • Make a fine powder out of an orange peel and mix it with half a cup of regular milk. Apply this mixture gently all over your face, covering your full beard. Once applied, leave the mixture on your face for about 40 min for it to set properly. After 40 min, rinse out the mixture with warm water to get a soft and smooth finish. You can apply a cold compress after the mixture is rinsed out.
  • Get yourself a good oil treatment to nourish your beard, and then purchase a boar bristle brush to comb your beard. Though it might sound a bit old fashioned, a boar bristled brush is the best option to get that scruff soft and lay down the coarse stubborn hair.
  • Mix coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil in equal quantities. Heat some honey and add it to the other ingredients. Make sure that the honey you add is more in quantity than the oil. Blend together all the ingredients and apply the mixture on your beard to cover it completely. Leave the mixture on your beard for 30 min and then rinse it out. Apply cold compress once the honey and oil mixture is rinsed out. It is the best recipe which you can get to make your beard silk soft and smooth.
  • Purchase a good beard shampoo and wash your beard properly with it. Apply it all over your beard and let it stay for few minutes. Rinse out the shampoo completely with warm water and then dry your beard completely, using a dry towel. Regular use of the shampoo will give you the desired result.
  • You can also use a good conditioner to have a more fine and perfect finish for your soft beard. Condition your hair with the conditioner that suits you every time after using the shampoo, and then rinse it out completely after some time for a suave look. 

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