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Best Way To Tan

Have you ever envied those models for their beautiful bronze glow or the masculine sand blown physique of Brad Pitt? Have you ever longed to have a smooth and beautiful tanned skin? You bet you did! An exotic dusky look always gives a sensuous appeal. If you have some leisure time to spend, you too could indulge in sun bathing to get a smooth tanned skin. No matter where you live, you can bask in the sun—in the beach, in your garden, terraces, or even on a yacht. While outdoor tanning is fun, economical, and the traditional way to tan skin, if you want a fast result you can opt for indoor tanning in a tanning bed. Plus, indoor tanning is comparatively a safer procedure because the exposure to UV rays is controlled and measured. Unlike outdoor tanning, you don’t end up burning your skin and developing blisters. To know more about tanning and how to get the best result, scroll down.
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How To Tan
Outdoor Tanning
  • Tanning outdoor in the sun has been a popular choice among tanning enthusiasts for years. Although, it is not a fast method to tan your skin, however, it is the most traditional way to get that bronze skin tone.
  • Outdoor tanning has its own pros and cons. While sun tanning gives you a good amount of vitamin D, prolonged exposure can give you sunburn and you may even develop blisters.
  • If you are planning for an outdoor tan, first and foremost, apply sunscreen all over your body. Choose a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 15 or more. This will help you protect the skin from harsh UV rays of the sun. To get a smooth tan and to guard your skin from getting sunburn, you can even use different tanning lotions that are available in the market.
  • The kind of tan you will get depends greatly on the time of the year. If you are contemplating to go for tanning during summer, you should expose your skin for less duration as the sun will be harsh and you might develop blisters from prolonged exposure. On the other hand, you can indulge yourself for longer time, if it is winter.
  • If this is your first time, begin your tanning process by basking in the sun for shorter intervals. Start with half an hour a day and gradually increase it over time.
  • To get a deep tan, bask in the sun for at least twice a week. 
Indoor Tanning
  • If you are looking for a fast and safe tanning process, then opt for indoor tanning.
  • Since the exposure time is measured in a tanning bed, you don’t develop blisters or sunburn.
  • In a tanning bed, the lid is opened and you are asked to lie down in it. The lid of the bed is closed and your body is then exposed to light from all sides.
  • For fast tanning, you can use tanning lotions that help to absorb the UV rays quickly and give you a smooth tan.
  • While getting tan in a tan bed, start developing a base tan first. It takes about 6-8 sessions to develop a good base tan. Each session is usually of 8-10 minutes duration.
  • To develop an even tan, start by lying on your back. Then gradually turn over midway as you proceed in the session.

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