Brittle hair puts an immediate damper on the refection of you. Check this article to know if your hair is really brittle or not.

Brittle Hair Symptoms

As time goes by, we discover that tigers might soon be extinct and fresh air is just another line in our history books. Similarly, we will soon notice a shortage of women straddling along the streets and fancy restaurants with thick and lustrous tresses. In fact, shoulder length hair is quite a luxury. No doubt, it is hard to maintain long hair and now that everybody is pressed for time, not many people want to make that effort. Not even an ordinary housewife has the patience to endlessly stroke a lovely set of locks till the midnight bell chimes. Women prefer to take the easier route and say hello to a pair of scissors as opposed to a hairbrush. Nevertheless, we’d love to see a pretty woman’s beauty accentuated by a cascade of lovely long locks. However, many are too afraid of facing problems like hair loss and worse, brittle hair. The longer one grows the hair, the higher are the chances of living with brittle hair. Hence, most decide to nip it in the bud. Lack of essential nutrients like Vitamin B or iodine, extensive use of styling products and dyes and even environmental dryness subsequently lead to brittle hair. Let’s have a look at the symptoms of brittle hair.

Symptoms Of Brittle Hair
  • Take a comb or brush straight through your hair strands and you will notice how brittle they are as they tend to break very easily. This may primarily be due to lack of moisture. Nonetheless, the most common symptom of brittle hair is it breaking too often.
  • You know your hair is brittle when it is exceptionally frizzy. Bear in mind that there is a big difference between frizzy hair and curly hair. Frizzy hair lacks the velvetiness and lustre that is prominent in natural curly hair. Frizzy hair lacks shine and is certainly not attractive. Yes, you are most certainly inflicted with brittle hair and you might want to get treated as soon as possible.
  • Too many hair splits off late? Painful, isn’t it? Chances that your hair is brittle are indeed huge, mainly due to extreme dryness.
  • Having a bad hair day? Women often complain about bad hair days and those often give rise to bad moods. Go check if brittle hair is the culprit.
  • If you are using styling products on your brittle hair, you will notice that the effect doesn’t last for very long as the brittle hair lacks the essential ingredients to hold the chemicals.
  • If you haven’t been bathing regularly or oiling it once every month, you might as well anticipate a sudden attack of brittle hair! Use olive oil or add gelatine to your shampoo to drive away the possibilities of waking up to brittle and unkempt hair.
  • If you do not stick to a healthy diet, it even shows on your hair. Not only is your digestive system at stake but so is the appearance of your mane!

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