You do not always have to empty your pockets to give your hair an ultra-sleek blowout. Explore tips on to know how to give yourself a blowout and make the blow drying last for several days.

How To Give Yourself A Blowout

We all love the look and feel of our hair as we step out of the salon. We also avoid washing our hair for as long as possible, after going to the salon, to keep the perfect blowout in shape. Blow drying is not a difficult job and anyone can do it at home, with a few basic tips in hand. The secret behind the perfect blowout is to dry hair in sections and give all of them a final blow at the end. Blow-drying carefully, with the right techniques, keeps your locks dry and improves their texture too. Hair can be blow dried in all lengths and styles. So, why not give yourself a beautiful blowout at home and save the weekly expense of visiting a hair professional. Read through the following lines to know the professional tips and tricks on how to give yourself the perfect blowout.
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Blow Drying Your Hair
  • In case you have dry hair, wash and condition it in the shower. If your hair is fine, condition only the ends. Blot your hair with a towel to get rid of the excess moisture. Do not blowout super wet hair or else, it can take a very long time.
  • In case of dry hair, work your hair with a leave-in conditioner, a straightening balm or shine serum. Coat the ends first and work your way up the hair shaft. Finally, comb the product through your hair.
  • Spritz a hair spray or work in a mousse if you have flat, limp hair. A styling product adds body to fine, limp hair, while it keeps the frizzes at bay for thick, curly hair.
  • If your hair is still pretty wet, use a dryer to remove the excess moisture or air-dry your hair for a few minutes, before you start blow drying it.
  • Comb your hair and divide it into sections. Secure the separate sections with clips or ponytail holders. Leave out a section to start with.
  • The secret to the perfect blowout is to start with your fingers. Pull your fingers through your hair, starting at the roots. Pull out hair a few inches and use the dryer to shoot air at the crown, while you keep holding the hair. It is necessary to hold your hair super taut and get the brush close to it, to remove the moisture from the hair shaft and avoid frizzing up.
  • Pull a round-barreled brush (a mix of boar and synthetic bristles) through hair as you blow dry, pointing the nozzle downward into hair. You can also start blow-drying from the ends, as they tend to dry the fastest.
  • While you are pulling the brush through hair, ensure that you follow the brush with the dryer also. Stretch hair towards you, while you blow dry, to avoid the tips flipping under or up.
  • As the final touch, pull hair taut with the brush and blast it with cool air from the dryer.
  • Continue this process with other sections of your hair, until it is completely dry.
  • After you have blow-dried all your hair, apply some shine serum or balm to the frizzy bits. In case you have oily hair, skip this step.

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