When pressed for time, hair drying can prove to be very cumbersome. Read the article below to get some tips as to how to dry your hair.

How To Dry Your Hair

Who would have thought, ten years back, that the simple act of drying the hair would prove to be such a baffling issue? After all, isn’t the best way to do it, is to leave the hair, so that it dries naturally? The issue arises when people are pressed for time, which occurs quite often nowadays. With the need to look the best each time and every day, natural drying does not prove to be a handy process. Hair forms an inherent part of the style and carrying a hay stack or a nest on the head is not an option! Imagine you have a party to attend, soon after wrestling with late nights or last minute meetings. No wonder you will look shabby and worn out. To remove the sleep and stress, you take a shower and condition your hair. Now, fully refreshed, you stare at the mirror and out pops another nightmare! After the shower your hair may look fresh and luxurious, but there is no way in which you can attend the party with those dripping ringlets. Of course, you have the option of giving the hair a brisk rub with the towel, but the end result will look just a little better than dried grass. As for blow dryers, unless you know how to use it properly, there are chances of you carrying a smoky mess instead. To dry your hair properly and in time, either using a towel or the dryer, requires you abreast yourself with the right technique. Read further to know how you can dry your hair.
Hair Drying Tips
After A Shower
  • For people with long hair, it is necessary that they use a separate towel to dry their hair.
  • After the shower, squeeze the hair to remove the excess water left. However, take care not to rub the hair or press it hard.
  • Now, take a towel and use it to wrap your hair in it. Tuck the hair inside the towel. The towel will absorb the moisture from the hair and dry it.
Blow Dry
  • In case you are planning to blow dry your hair, make sure that you wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. This is basically advised so that the hair is protected from the harsh effects of the blow dryer.
  • After washing the hair, remove the water drippings by using a towel. Do not brush the hair with the towel. Instead, wrap it on the hair and press to absorb the water. For short hair, you can wrap the towel around the head and rub very gently in circular motions.
  • Now, divide the hair into sections, so that it can be easier to dry. Also, untangle the hair, if any. If your hair is too long and thick, then use clips to separate. For short hair, just part it into two sections.
  • Use the blow dryer at least six inches away from the scalp, so that the hair is not burned. Always blow dry downwards and in one direction, as it causes less damage.
  • Move the blow dryer continuously over the hair, so that the hair is not burned or damaged. Work the dryer down the hair and position it in such a way that the nozzle blows the air from the roots to the ends. Dry the hair one section at a time.
  • When blow drying, make sure that you leave the hair a little bit damp so that the hair retains some moisture and doesn’t dry out. If you dry the hair completely, chances are that your hair might become brittle and damaged. Leave the hair moist enough, so that it dries naturally in another five minutes.
  • After using the blow dryer, brush the hair gently with a soft bristle hair brush or even with your fingers. It is always better if you apply any moisturizing cream and brush the hair. The cream will keep the hair shiny and smooth. You can also use olive oil for this.
  • To preserve the healthy sheen of your hair, never blow dry more than three times a week.

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