Choppy haircuts are easy to maintain and lend a playful look to your face. Check out short and long choppy hair styles.

Choppy Haircuts

If you are looking for a creative and playful way to style up your hair, this is just the article for you! Choppy haircuts, be it short or long, are stylish, chic, ultra-cool and absolutely easy to maintain. If you think it is for those who cannot afford long hair, think again! Some of the most famous celebrities have been seen sporting choppy hairstyles. Meg Ryan, Paris Hilton, hot ramp models; you name it, they have it! The choppy hairstyle is definitely in and will go a long way in transforming your personality, all together.
You need to analyze your face first to know which choppy hairstyle suits you. The oval face is considered to be the best for sporting choppy hairstyles. It frames the face and attracts attention to the most pronounced feature on the face. The spikes, are usually underplayed as the goal is to attain a soft look, not that of a rugged footballer! They require little maintenance, style better and are definitely addictive! You can go really short choppy hair cuts or long one with gradual layers. Both look good on all types of face structures and are styled in way that they accentuate your best feature.
Short Choppy Hair Styles
If you are one of those whose hair grows slowly, consider yourself blessed! Getting a short choppy hairstyle is a fun way to experiment with your looks and give yourself a make-over of sorts. You can get a hair cut that either moves away or towards your face. Since there is less hair to work upon, your styling routine takes less time and is easier to work with. Also, short hair cut carries off style more elegantly. The short choppy hair style usually covers the forehead, grow longer towards the ears and finally touch just the back of the neck.
Long Choppy Hair Style
Choppy hair cut can also be done on long hair, particularly for those who go into depression when their long tresses are cut! In longer hair, the layers are more gradual and soft, creating a wholesome dramatic look. They usually form a layered frame for the face, accentuating the best features like eyes, nose, lips or chin. The length can vary according to personal choice, though the longest layer shouldn’t reach beyond the shoulders. Choppy layers are definitely the in-thing when it comes to styling and creating a dramatic look.

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