Toga is a garment that used to be worn by men in Ancient Rome. In this article, we have provided instructions on how to wear/ tie/ wrap a toga.

How To Wear A Toga

Toga is the name given to a garment that was very popular in the time of Ancient Rome. It was basically a sash, of somewhere around 6 meters length, which was wrapped around the body. The dress was customarily made of wool and had a linen tunic worn beneath it. Today, toga has become a costume for fancy dress competitions, theme parties, and the like. Unlike the roman times, when it formed a part of male clothing only, it is now worn by both the genders. Toga actually looks very elegant are is a very comfortable wear. Today toga is not just an element of a fancy dress party but it been introduced on the ramps by many eminent fashion designers. Actually these one shouldered dresses gives a seductive and a breezy look to anyone who wears it and probably this is the reason why the ‘toga parties’ are getting popular day by day. Many celebrities are opting for a toga dress even for red carpet parties. Megan Fox and Jennifer Love Hewitt are classic example to that. So whether it is a costume party coming up or your friends are throwing a toga party, you get to have a chance to wear this ancient elegant dress and be assured you would look ravishing. If you don’t know  how to tie or wrap a toga, make use of the instructions provided below in this article.
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How to Wear a Toga
Items Needed 
  • Safety Pins
  • 3-4 Yards of a Material (cotton, muslin or poplin)
  • Sleeveless T-shirt/ Tunic
  • The usage of an old bed sheet for toga is so passé. In addition, it doesn’t look elegant to wear a loose fitting shapeless dress which not only hides your perfectly shaped body but also makes you look hideous. Start scouring the souk much in advance at least a week before. To use for toga you can buy 3-4 yards of any material that you think will be easy to drape. Cotton, muslin, and poplin would be a very good option. If you can afford silk, nothing would look more elegant than that.
  • Wear a sleeveless t-shirt/tunic on top. You could also wear a bathing upper suit for that matter. Remember to wear these in the same color of the material.
  • Press the material if it looks crush. Now, hold the material horizontally, by length, and start wrapping it around your waist. Make sure that you do not crush the material while you are trying to wrap it.
  • Wrap it around your waist 1.5 times, that is one and a half time. After you have wrapped it, carefully hold it in one hand. Keep safety pins ready for this time.
  • With the help of safety pins, secure the toga safely around your waist.
  • Throw the rest of the fabric over your shoulder. Now, bring back the material to around your waist and tuck it into the waistband. You can use different types of waistbands and match it with the color of the cloth.
  • You can also use pins to make sure that the material is safely tucked in the waistband. Now accessorize yourself with different accessories without overdoing it. You could use earrings; however, it is best to avoid chunky earrings and necklaces. The best thing would be to use a big flower in your hair.
  • Your toga is ready to be worn to a party!

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