Why spend copious amounts at the salon when you can make hair wraps at home? Surf through this article and learn the instructions for doing hair wraps.

How To Do Hair Wraps

Hair wraps are a cool and popular style statement sported by most teens and adults. If you happen to be on a vacation or on a trip to an adventure park or fair, you will find many youngsters getting hair wraps and flaunting their new deadlocks in assorted colors. After all, the style causes heads to turn! With different colors and hair accessories, hair wraps express a distinguished fashion and look. If you too are impressed and bowled over by this style and want to sport it, know that parlors aren’t the only place to get hair wraps done. Instead of squandering huge amounts and your precious time at your favorite beauty parlor or salon for getting those beautiful and gorgeous hair wraps, why not make better and cheaper ones at home? Grab some attractive and inexpensive hair wrap supplies from a beauty store and get creative. Read further to know the instructions for making hair wraps. Get going and start wrapping!
Hair Wrap Instructions
  • Take a small clump of hair and tie the rest into a ponytail.
  • This clump of hair can be thin or thick depending upon your choice.
  • Start braiding this bunch of hair from the roots to the ends of the lock of hair. Ensure that you start braiding from as close to the root as possible.
  • Tie the end of the braid with a small rubber band.
  • Take two strands of embroidery floss in colors of your choice that you want to flaunt in your hair wraps. They should measure twice the length of your hair.
  • Cut them and place the embroidery floss straight on a table.
  • Pick up the cut floss from the center point and tie them into a knot at the base of your braid.
  • Grab two strands of the same color (say, red) and place them straight along the length of your braid.
  • Grab the other two strands of another color (say, blue) and wrap them around your remaining hair in the braid and red floss in a circular spiral fashion.
  • While wrapping, make sure that neither hair nor blue floss should be visible through the red floss.
  • Continue wrapping the red floss for one inch and switch colors from hereon.
  • Wrap with red colored floss and switch again after an inch.
  • Continue wrapping the floss alternating between colors until you reach the end of any one colored band.
  • Add a charm to one of the strands of floss before you are about to end your wrapping.
  • Finish off the braid and tie the strands into a double knot to secure it tightly.
  • Cut off any lose strands.
  • Continue braiding other sections of your hair if you wish to hair wrap your entire hair. Add charms or beads to beautify your hair wraps.
  • Voila! You have beautiful and dazzling hair wraps.
  • Once you have mastered the basic technique of doing hair wraps, you can try your hand at different designs and patterns, such as cross patterns, striped patterns, and so on.

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