To style your hair, braiding is the simplest and cheapest way. Read below for hair braiding instructions.

Hair Braiding Instructions

Hair braiding is perhaps the earliest instance of hair styling. It is prevalent in all the cultures of the world, and even now, braids are still considered to be cool. As a style statement, it can hold water against any other forms of hairstyles. Girls especially braid their hair a lot, and it is very common to see young girls with hair braids. Men also do braid their hair but it is not that common. In men, it is widespread among the Afro race, and traditionally pirates and Red Indians were depicted with hair braids. The wide spread popularity of hair braids is because unlike other hairstyles, the braiding in the hair is the most effective way to manage the hair. It prevents the hair from coming in the way when you are doing various other tasks. The style element of hair braiding is enhanced by using beads, external braids or by plaiting different types of braids in different styles. Since, the most basic braid can be done in a very short time it is perhaps the cheapest and simplest way to style your hair. Read below for tips on braiding hair.
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Tips On Braiding Hair
  • Before you go for braiding, ensure that the hair is smooth and clean. It should also be free of any tangles.
  • It is better to give a thorough wash and shampoo to the hair before braiding. Let it dry completely.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to untangle your hair and a small toothcomb for French braids. Comb the hair gently to untangle the hair. Using a conditioner will facilitate in removing the tangles.
  • In case of curly and wavy hair, it is better if you dampen the hair a little and then start braiding. For any other type of hair, it is good to use either a hairspray or gel to dampen it. 
  • You can practice braiding with three ropes. Keep the ropes straight on a table and practice braiding. Once you are through with the concept, it will be easier for you to manage the hair.
  • Once you become adept at braiding you can increase your speed by holding all the sections in one hand. This will also ensure uniform plaits.
  • The outer sections should be held between the thumb and index fingers of each hand. Use the index and middle fingers to move the middle section between both the hands back and forth as the outside sections are crossed over it.
  • For a complicated look, braid the hair along the hairline at the nape into three sections and then braid the basic three braids together. 
Tips On Basic Braiding
  • After combing the hair thoroughly and removing all the tangles, divide the hair in three even strands.
  • Then comb the individual sections to make them smoother.
  • Now take the right hair section in your right hand and the left hair section in your left hand. Leave the middle section free.
  • Now cross the right hand section over the middle one. This will make the right hand section become the middle section.
  • Pull the sections away so that the plait gets tightened. Then cross the left section over the middle section. Now the left section becomes the middle section. Tighten the plait once again.
  • Continue alternating the right and left sections over the middle section while tightening the plait.
  • Secure the end with a ribbon or ponytail holder.

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