Patiala salwar kameez is an all-time favorite dress of girls. Read about the Latest trends in Patiala salwar kameez.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala salwar kameez, the all-time favorite dress of the Punjabis, has become popular with the course of time, not only in India, but also in other countries of the world. This female trouser traces its roots back to the old times in a small town of Patiala in the northern Indian state of Punjab. Rather, this traditional dress was regarded as the imperial outfit of Patiala and was seen as its specialty. From the village girls to hot chicks of cities, this modest dress called Patiala salwar kameez has been adopted by every female to look traditional as well as fashionable. However, over the last few years, the Patiala salwar kameez has been a witness to and undergone a great deal of modifications to transform it into a woman’s attire, thanks to the new cuts and titling. Found in a wide range of fabrics, colors, designs and patterns, this classical salwar suit looks elegant and marvelous on women having different body structures and of all age groups. A leaf through the following lines will let you peep into the history of Patiala salwar kameeze and the latest trends it has on-offer.
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Interesting Story behind Origin
Like any other item, this dress, too, has its own historical background. It was once known to be the attire of the royal families of Punjab. In the earlier times, the Maharaja of Patiala used to wear this dress for different reasons i.e. to be comfortable and for his distinguished appearance. His dress can be described as a pleated and baggy type trousers (salwar) combined with a short-length loose, full sleeved tunic (kameez). That’s why it came to be known as Patiala salwar kameez. For all fashionistas and admirers of the Patiala salwar kameez, a visit to the ‘Darjiya Wali Gali’ in the old city of Patiala is absolutely necessary. Regarded as the birthplace of Patiala salwar kameez, this old town is world famous for making the finest and most beautiful Patiala salwar suits.
Distinguishing Characteristics
Formerly, the wearer of Patiala salwar kameez was considered as rich, since such salwars require double length of dress material to get stitched. Coming to the point, Patiala salwar encompasses pleats of cloth stitched together, which meet at the bottom. The fall of its pleats goes back, giving the salwar a baggy look and making it voluminous. Like any other traditional salwar, this salwar also has a belt and a long channel for drawstring at its top. The kameez or short tunic falls just a couple of inches above the knee and is usually body-hugging with a slim fit, but absolutely comfortable to wear down to proper fitting. To complete the look, a phulkari dupatta or a monochromatic hued dupatta adorned with sequins or lace trims, draped beautifully, can be used.
Current Trend
The women have customized this traditional dress to look gorgeous. The evolved form of dress observes no definite rule for sleeves, neck designs, front and back neckline depth and cuts. Patiala salwar kameez can be made using different fabrics - cotton, georgette, crepe, brocade, silk, etc. offered in attractive colors and patterns, with embroidered designs and adornments. However, it looks best in materials having their own fall. Moreover, the dress is embellished with different works or embroideries to suit the occasion. To give a fashionably chic look to the traditional appearance of Patiala salwar suit, designers have now replaced the kurta with tunic style cotton jersey top and Patiala salwar with modern dhoti pants, giving the overall attire a modern twist.
While you’ll be able to find the latest and trendiest suits in every major market, the variety and designs offered by the Mecca of the Patiala salwar kameez are simply unbeatable. Go for this truly ethnic style of dressing and stay updated with the fashion of today!

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