Dramatize your brown eyes with the right eye shadows. Explore this article to learn how.

Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

A woman with brown eyes is the luckiest of them all since most of the shades and hues of eye shadow will suit her eye color. It can just be a simple sweep of the color for the day, an occasion or a nice sparkly color for a night out in the town. The basic rule for brown eyes is that you wear a color opposite to that of your eye color. Your skin shade is also important; if you are light skinned, choose lighter shades, and if you are dark skinned, use deeper tones on your skin. Adding depth and dimension to brown eyes isn’t such a hard task, but embarrassing yourself with the wrong colors and volume can be quite a disaster. Eye shadows can be worn with mascara and kajal (applied using a kohl pencil) to give a dashing effect to the eyes. Here are some colors and tips on choosing the right eye shadow for brown eyes.

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Eye Shadow Tips For Brown Eyes 

This is a great color for people with brown and hazel colored eyes. People with slightly lighter skin should use the color olive as it is light on the eyes. A dark shimmery green can be used by women with a slightly darker skin tone. Bright greens show the fun loving element in your eyes and can help redefine your eyes.

This is probably the best color for brown eyes whether they are light or dark brown. Be careful not to wear very dark shades of blue as this might spoil the effect. Crystal blue with some shimmer brings out the beauty in brown eyes. Baby blue is also preferred by individuals with light hair and skin tones and, last but not the least, metallic blue is an excellent option to wear during the hours of the night. 

Purple is a royal color and looks good especially on people with an olive skin tone. Again, the volume must be kept to a minimum so that it does not take one’s attention away from the face. Most women prefer metallic purples and grayish purples to highlight their eyes.

Using gray and black eye shadow to create the smoky eyed effect has become extremely popular among women. Medium and metallic shades of gray are preferred to lighter shades of gray as it usually doesn’t suit too many skin tones.

Similar to purples, pinks are used by people with lighter skin tones and a pinkish blush is added to put your face in the spotlight. Pinks go well with most wardrobes and shoes, but make sure that it is not too metallic. When using pink, you can use different shades beginning at the top of the eyelid so that it won’t seem too intense.

Golds/ Silvers
Gold, silver and shimmer go well with any eye color, but are dependent on the right hue to make them look good. Most people prefer these shades during the night. It also looks fabulous on people with both dark and light skin tones. To make the eye shadow look funky, gold can be mixed with the pinks and purples. Silver, on the other hand, needs no enhancement since it looks good all by itself as well.

A Few Tips

  • Maximum focus on brown eyes can be gained by using a navy blue eye liner and black mascara.
  • When applying lighter shades of eye shadow, start from the eyelash and finish at the eyebrows.
  • Light shades give a neutral look and should be used during the day and darker shades that give a dramatic look should be used during the night.
  • To prevent the eye shadow from creasing, apply foundation before you begin applying the eye shadow.
  • To prevent the eye shadow from forming clumps, use your fingers if necessary, to spread the eye shadow evenly.

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