Preventing eye shadow from creasing will require you to adhere to a few rules. Explore this article for ‘first-hand’ instructions on how to stop eye shadow from creasing.

How To Stop Eye Shadow From Creasing

Most women dread applying eye shadow because it almost always creases. Do you think you can relate to this ‘dilemma’? Have you always had trouble with your eye shadow? Are you clueless on how to prevent it from creasing? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, you definitely have a problem, but don’t worry. It’s going to be all right! Help has arrived! Stopping eye shadow from creasing is all about applying the same in a certain way. You can spend a fortune on buying the best eye shadows around, but if you’re not familiar with the rules on preventing it from looking bad, it’s nothing but a waste of money. Eye shadow can also be ridden with creases if you have oily skin. However, there is an easy path to tread on to get out of this predicament. The ploy lies in applying your eye shadow. Only the perfect execution of a few rules and following certain conditions while applying eye shadow will prevent it from creasing. Take the time! Read on to gain familiarity with systematic instructions on how to stop eye shadow from creasing.
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Stopping Eye Shadow From Creasing 

You Will Need

  • Face powder
  • A foundation or base that does not have any oil
  • Eye shadow
  • Any other eye make-up
How To Apply
  • Begin by applying a layer of foundation or base onto your eyelids. You’ve got to have a steady hand for this step. The foundation applied should be even and uniform. Overlapping coats of foundation or base will only annihilate the purpose of applying the same. Also, since you just happen to have two eyelids, make it a point to look into the mirror after applying the foundation. Both your eyelids should look the same. One eyelid with foundation more than the other is just as bad as overlapping coats of foundation.
  • Right after you’ve achieved the goals of the first step, proceed to cover your eyelids with loose face powder. You will need a make-up brush for this step. Do not make the mistake of applying the face powder with your hands. With gentle strokes of the brush, apply the face powder on your eyelids. Also, make it a point to keep your eyes shut while brushing on the face powder. Keeping your eyes shut will prevent the face powder from getting into your eyes.
  • This is the step which will actually see you applying the eye shadow. You will definitely need a very steady hand for this step. Once you’re confident of this, you can start applying the eye shadow. Keep your eyes closed and refrain from blinking. This may cause the eye shadow to smudge or even crease. The trick really is in applying the eye shadow.
  • As far as eye shadows go, steering clear of cream and liquid formulas is the way to go. The cream and liquid formulas are high on oil and may lead to eye-shadow creases on your eyelids. However, if you have no choice but to use oily eye shadows, make it a point to dab a little powder on your eyelids after you’re done with the eye-shadow. You’re basically applying the powder to cover up the creases on your eyelids.
  • Now that you’re done with applying the eye shadow, you can usher in an era of freedom from creases by applying a little mascara and eyeliner. However, make it a point to stay well within the limits of subtlety. Opting for an over-the-top look will only undermine the efforts taken to make your eyes look good.

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