The right grooming and styling can transform a bridegroom into Prince Charming. Know how to groom the bridegroom.

Bridegroom Grooming Tips

A wedding is a very important milestone in the life of a man. The transformation from a carefree bachelor to a responsible husband is something very special in a guy’s life. To make sure that the occasion that shall bring in this transformation is special, the potential bridegroom needs to follow certain grooming techniques to prepare mentally as well as physically for the D-Day. The styling of a bridegroom basically changes the looks and the personality of the individual. He learns to be in control and comes to know that it is not okay if he doesn’t shave for a week! To know how to groom the bridegroom and make him look absolutely dashing and smart, read on these useful tips! 
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  • After an active day outdoors, splash your face liberally with water and use a cleanser to remove the dust and pollution. Be sure to wash your face with a mild face wash before going to bed at night.
  • Don’t forget to use moisturizer every night to improve your skin. Men with oily skin may use a water-based moisturizer while those with dry skin should opt for oil-based moisturizers. It may take a few weeks to perceive any change so don’t get disappointed too soon.
  • Choose a good men’s salon and get your facial, manicure and pedicure done a week before the wedding. It is the perfect time to pamper yourself after all!
  • For a wedding, a clean shaven look is always in. But if you want to go for a beard or a mustache, show it to your friends and family and let them get used to it at least a month before your wedding.
  • Face packs, cleansers and moisturizers won’t hurt you and will actually make your skin much healthier and give you a natural glow. Face packs such as sandalwood, Indian clay and neem clean the skin, remove toxins, make the skin breathe easier and provide nourishment. However, check for any allergic reactions beforehand. Always apply a face pack before shaving.
  • Start shampooing and conditioning your hair regularly to make it soft and shiny. Try a new haircut much before the wedding day, so any bad trimming and styling can be corrected in time.

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