Though it is a difficult task to perform a layer haircut, some effort on your part can make the task easier. Find out how to cut a layered hairstyle.

How To Layer Hair

The trend of layered hairstyle is here to stay. It is the best option for those fashion buffs who want to try out new hairdo every now and then. The stylish haircut not only looks cool, but is easy to style and manage as well. Moreover, it gives the illusion of length and volume to hair. For the cut, hair is arranged into layers, with top layers being cut shorter than those beneath. Though cutting a layer haircut involves a lengthy process, it can be made easy with practice.
The very first prerequisite for performing the haircut is a sharp scissors. Blunt pair of scissors will result in a messy hairstyle. Getting a fine toothcomb is the next step. Go for a small sized tail comb. Clean your hair thoroughly before attempting the haircut. You can shampoo it on the day or the day before you perform the layered hairstyle. A plastic or rubber sheet is necessary to cover your shoulder, so that no mess is created. After you are all set, it is the time to start the task. Read on to get the exact steps on how do you layer your own hair.
How To Layer Cut Your Own Hair
  • De-tangle your hair, by combing it with a fine toothcomb.
  • Slightly bend your head, so that the hair flips down freely.
  • Again, comb your hair down to floor.
  • Carefully divide the hair into two portions - to make the top layer and the one beneath it. Ideally, the top layer should be shorter in length and the other should be about three times the length of the layer on top.
  • Bring the top-section of your hair in front of your eyes. Trim the section of hair straight across. The layer should fall above the bridge of your nose. You may go above if you want to shorten the length.
  • To create a short hairstyle, cut the hair at the top layer such that it rests beneath the eyes.
  • If you want to create a longer hairstyle, the top layer should be trimmed in such a way that it hits below the ear.
  • Comb the section of the hair you have just cut. In front of the mirror, place the hair between your index and middle finger, just as you hold scissors and trim the tips of this section. This is the final touch to the top layer.
  • Comb the sides of the layer upwards and drag some of the hair you have just cut. Hold the side sections straight up and trim them to make the next layer.
  • After you are done, check for layers in the front and back by using two mirrors. 

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