Want to dazzle the crowd in a jiffy? Get a hair-makeover by attaching natural or synthetic tresses to your existing hair. Know more about popular weave hairstyles with this article.

Weave Hairstyles

In one of the most famous poems of all times describing a woman’s matchless beauty, Lord Byron rightly compares her hair to the raven’s tress, a nameless grace which completes her. Be it Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana, since the dawn of every era hair has defined the persona of every woman. No wonder, it has become a vogue. A chic hairstyle is all that an urban lady needs to walk down the lane with poise and panache combined. In today’s tech-savvy world, new upcoming hairstyles gain popularity way too soon than before. While celebrities are busy experimenting with trendy hairdos, the starry-eyed plebeians are not far behind. Hair weaves is one such style that is gaining extreme importance. A hair weave is basically a type of hair extension, which facilitates in extending the hair for any purpose. There are times when women with shrimp thin hair wish to have thicker locks or women with short-cropped hair wish to have a brown cascade-like look or say women who are tired of their straight paintbrush like hair want curls instead. Hair weaves is just the thing one needs at such occasions. Besides, hair weaves is a godsend for those who having met with an accident and need a natural look. Just like hair coloring, hair weaves can play a quick trick to change your look completely.  There are several ways to add a weave to your hair and change your hairstyle. Look into the following lines and explore the popular weave hairstyles
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Popular Weave Hairstyles
Human Hair Weave
It is basically taken from individuals who have sacrificed their tresses for some reason. This particular weave type could be expensive and time consuming for the natural look it emanates, since finding the right color and texture that matches your hair-type may be quite troublesome. A lot of care is required to keep the natural weave in form and shape and extend its durability.
Synthetic Braid Hair Weave
It is best suited for temporary attachments, since it does not give a natural feel to your entire look. The synthetic hair weave can be braided into small micro-braids, big or straight braids, or simply twist the braids to make patterns. Make sure that you neatly braid it, without making it too tight.
Cornrow Weaves
This particular hairstyle is done by picking up hair from a row to make the braid. If the length of your real hair is less than 5 cm, attach the extensions first and then begin braiding. It is one of its kind of hairstyles for the yuppies and the trendsetters!
Interlocking Weaves
Another popular form of hair weave is interlocking, which allows flexibility. Along with a full-head weave, there are cornrows at the bottom. So, you can either braid your hair in any pattern you want or simply leave them straight. You also have an option of braiding your hair half or full.
Curly Weaves
Tired of the bland and plain straight look? If yes, then it’s time to go the bizarre way. Go to a professional hair stylist and let him/her sew them or bond them in a weave so you can have a stylish curly weaved hairstyle to boast of.
Instant or Quick Weaves
If you are already late for the evening get-together and visiting the salon is nowhere in the scene, do not panic. Here’s a remedy for this as well. Use bonding glue to apply quick weaves. They are sure to look awe-strikingly pretty and would truly be a savior for you.

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