Treating/getting rid of hangnails is not too difficult. To know how to get rid of hangnails, read the tips given below.

How To Get Rid Of Hangnails

Hangnails can be described as small, itsy-bitsy skin, protruding at the sides of the nails. These can be very painful and irritating, as they catch on anything and get torn away further. Hangnails are not a part of the nails; rather they are part of the dry skin, which grows gradually due to nail biting. They are quite commonly seen in small children, nail biters and people with dry skin. Considering the fact that they are so troubling, one should think of treating them immediately. Given below are some tips to tell you how to get rid of hangnails.
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Tips for Getting Rid of Hang Nails 
  • If you are suffering from hangnails, clip them early in their life cycle. For this, you can utilize sharp sterilized scissors. Remember to soak the fingers in water or a water and oil solution to soften the hangnail. Don’t clip a hangnail when it’s still hard, as it will rip the skin even more.
  • Never bite your hangnails, as it will lead to fairly deep cuts around your fingers. These cuts can become troublesome by getting infected and swollen.
  • To ease the condition, rub an emollient cream or ointment on fingers at bedtime. After this, secure the end with a plastic wrap and tape. This will retain the moisture during the night. However, make sure to remove the plastic in the morning.
  • While using nail scissors to cut hangnails, make sure that the scissors are first dipped in an anti-septic or alcohol, to avoid infection.
  • While pushing down the cuticles of your nails, it is highly advisable to moisturize the fingers, to avoid hangnails.
  • After removing hangnails, doctors advise the application of anti-bacterial lotion and bandage.
  • If your hangnails have become red in color and filled with pus or infection, make sure you see a doctor for treatment.
  • You can resort to frequent manicures to avoid hangnails.

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