Getting rid of lip wrinkles is a simple and easy task. Go through the tips and ways given in this article and explore in detail, how to get rid of lip wrinkles.

How To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

Lip wrinkles, also described as lines around the lips and in the lower zone of the face, are a common cosmetic problem faced by many people all over the world and can be quite distressing at times. These lines are very deep and often give the face a sad or turned-down expression. The thin layer of skin covering the lips is very delicate and become even thinner due to collagen loss, as the years pass by. Also, the reduction in the levels of water and oil in the body can worsen the condition, making lips very prone to dryness and wrinkling. Sometimes, extreme environmental conditions like wind and sunshine also contribute to the problem.
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A major cause of lip wrinkling, either in the form of small vertical lines above the upper lip or deep sagging lines in the corners of the mouth, is ageing. Decrease in the collagen content, with increasing age, reduces the elastic properties of the skin to spring back to its original form, resulting in wrinkles. Another major cause is the overuse of the orbicularis oris muscle around the lips, due to persistent habits like smoking, drinking from a straw, whistling and so on. The ultraviolet rays (particularly UVA and UVB rays) causes destruction in the natural collagen present in the skin resulting in wrinkles. Some other causes include dental shapes and curvatures, genetics, excessive exposure to lipsticks and artificial moisturizers.
Getting Rid Of Lip Wrinkles
To help you know how to get rid of lip wrinkles and overcome the distressing condition, we have provided some very simple and useful ways in the lines below:
  • If the lip wrinkles are the result of some external habits, like smoking and drinking, it is very important to cut them down at the earliest or at least reduce them to a minimum.
  • Certain lifestyle changes can also aid you in the process of reducing the ugly lines. Ever wonder how Angelina Jolie manages to maintain such amazing pouty lips? It is not only through cosmetic treatments, but also through a regular maintenance of her habits and lifestyle. Always make it a point to use high quality products. At the same time, try to go for natural products and ingredients as far as possible.
  • One homemade product that can be used to treat these unsightly lines comprises of banana and honey. Make a paste of ripe bananas and honey, apply it on the wrinkled area and leave on for a period of about 10 minutes. Once firm, remove the paste and apply some good quality moisturizer.
  • Use creams and lotions that contain AHAs (alphahydroxy acids), as they are very effective in treating this condition. These acids are the derivatives of milk, sugarcane and some fruits and help scrub away any dead skin cells present on the skin surface. They also help in the process of regeneration of collagen, which fills in the area and pumps up any wrinkles, making them less obvious. Collagen also helps remove any free radicals present in the skin.
  • Wrinkle creams come in different shapes and formulas. Make it a point to go for the good quality ones and carefully follow the instructions written on the cover. However, for long term effects, you should use the cream for several months. These creams help by creating an illusion of less lip wrinkles, with special crystals to reflect the light.
  • Another great way to remove all the dead skin cells on the surface is by exfoliating your skin twice every week. As the dead cells are removed, new cells replace them, giving the skin a very smooth appearance. Also, the skin will be more ready to absorb any therapeutic cream, giving immediate and faster results. Even moisturizers are absorbed more easily, when the skin is properly hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and extreme environmental conditions. The less you are exposed to the harmful rays of sunlight, the more quickly will new cell regenerate, replacing the old ones and the earlier will you get rid of the unsightly lip wrinkles.

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