Foundations are in the market for a long time now. But did you know that they are available in different types? Surf this article to explore the various kinds of foundation.

Types Of Makeup Foundations

We all know that applying foundation is an essential part of our makeup routine. Not only does it cover light blemishes and scars, foundation also evens out the skin tone, giving it a smooth and uniform appearance. To get a uniform and radiant look, the foundation should be applied all over the face and neck. By adding a shine and glow to the skin, it gives a young and healthy look, besides preparing the skin for further makeup application. Nonetheless, with so many makeup foundations available in the market, it becomes pretty difficult to choose the one that suits your skin type. You have foundations available in different tints, shades, coverage and composition. To lessen your work, we have listed the different types of foundations to choose from. Read on.  
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Different Kinds Of Makeup Foundations
Liquid Foundation
The basic property of easy application makes liquid foundations a popular choice among the women folk. Being lightweight, these foundations blend well with the skin, allowing it to capture the moisture easily. They are available in the form of thick liquid in bottles, in oil-based and water-based formulas, to suit the different types of skin. Those having dry or wrinkled skin should opt for an oil-based foundation, while those having a normal skin should pick up a water-based foundation. Women with an oily skin can choose from water based or oil-free foundation.
Cream Foundation
These thick and creamy formulas contain oil and hence, are best suited for women having normal or extra dry skin. Since they are thick, they cover larger areas of blemishes and scars, and offer more moisture to the skin as compared to other foundation types. By leaving the skin smooth and glossy, these foundations can be used as concealers as well. They are available in stick, compact or tube forms.
Cake or Stick Foundation
Women with oily skin can best resort to cake or stick foundations, as they provide a matt finish, leaving the skin oil-free. They can even be used as a substitute to concealers, as such foundations mask the blemishes and skin flaws perfectly. They can best be used for photo shoots, stage and drama, since they provide a heavier coverage for a longer duration. However, women with dry and normal skin should keep away from such foundations, as they tend to leave the skin dry and blotchy.
Powder Foundation
Women who do not apply makeup frequently can get hold of powder foundation, as they are dry and contain no moisture. Easy to use, they highlight a natural look. Powder foundations are available in two variants, namely, loose powder form and pressed powder form. Loose powder foundations are used for fixing the foundation and makeup by giving a finishing touch to it. They are best applied on oily skin. All that one needs to do is dip the applicator brush into the powder and gently buff onto the skin. Alternatively, pressed powder foundation are available in compact forms and are used for giving touch ups to the applied foundation. Though they can be used on all skin types, they are best suited for oily skin.
Mineral Foundation
Go natural with mineral foundations! Made from finely ground minerals extracted from the earth, mineral foundations are natural and can be safely applied on all skin types. Available as loose powders, mineral foundations can be applied in both wet and dry methods. Simply dip your applicator brush into it and dab it evenly onto your skin for a neat, uniform and flawless look thereafter.
Waterproof Foundation
If you are one of those who cannot avoid the foundation even in hot and humid weather, then waterproof foundation is your pick. While extremely scorching heat runs your foundation into sweat, the rainy season is not behind in whipping away your makeup. Waterproof foundations, on the other hand, are a rescue for both hot and damp weathers. Available in both liquid and cream forms, they leave your skin fresh and glowing throughout the day.
Other Foundations Types:
  • Spray Foundation
  • Cream-to-Powder Foundation
  • Liquid-to-Powder Foundation
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Mousse/Whipped Foundation

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