Are you top heavy and doesn’t know what suits you best? This article can provide you a helping hand by providing some fashion tips.

Fashion Tips For Top Heavy Women

Nobody is perfect. Broad shoulders, a fuller bust, narrow hips and slim legs and then you are categorized under the apple shaped figure women. This is a common shape for women after they become pregnant. However, nothing can prevent a complete fashionista from making a style statement under whatever circumstances it might be. It is quite a daunting task to find clothing that can set a balance between well tailored and stylish and above all comfortable. Though it is not always easy to find that perfect apparel for anyone who has not got a perfect body, by understanding your body and style you can find something really cool and chic. There are some rules of making choices if you are blessed or cursed with a heavy bust line. Given here are some ways you can help dress yourself if you are a heavy busted woman. 
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Fashion Tips for Women With a Heavy Bust 
Not everyone in this world is blessed with a perfect body. So what if you have a heavy bust line, you can get yourself a wardrobe that keeps a well balance between comfort and style. Given here are some tips that can help you out from your fashion distress. 
  • It is the oldest advice to dress in black to minimize any part of your body. However, extremes of anything can harm you more so even while you are dressing in black, try to avoid wider necklines as it will widen your bust line more.
  • Try to wear the tailored dresses whether it is suits, skirts, or pants.
  • Choose dresses that have a sweetheart or V neckline, which can lengthen the vertical line of the top portion.
  • Purchase tops that fit your chest and have darts put in underneath the bust line so it will fit your waist.
  • Try to avoid high-waisted pants as it can accentuate your chest all the more. Since you have a heavy top, you needn’t be heavy all together. If you want to hide the heavy part, you can accentuate your curves very well.
  • Avoid tops that have sleeves to the bust level, as they would help in holding the eye at that level.
  • You can go for low waisted pants, as it will accentuate more of your hip area rather than the bust. This can lengthen the body in appearance. Boot cut or flared pants help in balancing the top and bottom.
  • When you are considering a suit, try a suit jacket that cinches in at the waist and doesn’t have a large lapel, it just adds weight to the top portion of your body.
  • Remember a slight flare at the bottom of a skirt or pant outfit will balance the top with the bottom. The skirt hemline should be at or below your knee to slim and lengthen your look.
  • Avoid wearing lightweight fabrics, large patterns, or shirts with pockets. You can make a cool outfit by wearing a light colored shirt with smaller patterns on a well-fitted camisole.
  • Lycra is best fabric that you can use which will stretch and do not allow the clothing to cling onto your body.

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