Men's fashion, though overlooked earlier, is gaining popularity with the passing time. With this article, you will get to explore a number of fashion tips meant specifically for guys.

Men's Fashion Tips

There was a time when people thought that fashion is a topic that only women need to be concerned about. Guys were believed to be immune to the changing fashions. However, all this has changed with the passing time. Today, men are as conscious of their looks as women and want to be 'in' with the current fashion. However, before trying to follow the latest trend, each guy should make himself aware of the basic tips that are essential to looking good. In this regard, men will find the fashion tips given below to be quite useful.
Fashion Tips For Guys 
  • One of the basic fashion tips that men should keep in mind is that their socks should always match the color of the pants/ trousers. Wearing brown socks with black pants and vice-versa is a strict no-no.
  • Whenever you wear a belt, make sure that it matches your shoes completely. A funky belt looks good with sports shoes, while leather ones match formal shoes the best (in the same color).
  • If you feel that your trousers is extra loose and won't sit well with a belt, it is advisable to go for suspenders. However, never ever should you wear both belt and suspenders.
  • Whenever tying a knot, make sure that the length of the tie is enough to make its end reach the top of the belt. Neither should it fall below the belt, nor should it fall short of the said length.
  • Remember the adage 'you can always spot a gentleman by his shoes'? It holds true in the present times as well. So, always make sure that your shoes are clean and shining and also suit the occasion well.
  • A short-sleeve shirt, more precisely one with half sleeves, is not meant to be worn with a tie. Ties go only with full-sleeves shirts. Even better, avoid wearing short-sleeve shirts altogether, unless you want to casual look.
  • Button-down collar dress shirt, originally a sport shirt worn by polo players, is simply not meant for dressy formal wear or a double-breasted suit. Such shirts just don't look formal enough.
  • The pleats as well as cuffs of pants should be held in high regard. While the former makes you look professional and adds to the comfort, the latter adds weight to the bottoms of your pants.
  • While buying pants, make sure that the length is right. A pair of pants should be long enough to cover up your socks and have a slight break in the front as well.
  • Sandals are meant to be worn bare-footed. Never ever experiment with socks, while wearing sandals. As for wearing them with shoes, make sure that they are long enough to cover your shins, even with crossed legs.
  • While dressing up, ensure that the colors of your pants and shirt are either complementary (i.e. opposite from each other on the color wheel) or come under the same pallet. Nothing else will do and no same-colors please!
  • Jewelry is something that looks good on women only. If you are a man, learn to dress up like one too. Anything other than a classy pair of designer cufflinks will be too much.

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