Choosing the right attire for a formal wedding can get you biting your nail in anxiety. Check out these wonderful formal wedding attire options for both men and women and get going.

Formal Wedding Attire

Do you wish to be the envy of your stylish gal pals in the latest designer dress, but fear to upstage the blushing bride on her wedding day? Do you wish to flaunt an impressive dress, but not at the expense of stealing the limelight from your groom-friend? Well, picking up the right attire, when you are heading for a formal wedding, can be maddening, especially if you are living under the constant fear of outdoing the newlyweds or worse, committing a fashion faux pas. Making the right choice, particularly if the invitation indicates the ‘dress code’ for the wedding may send shivers down your spine. However, finding the right dress for a formal wedding can be extremely easy, if you know the time and the kind of attire expected to be worn. For a formal wedding, however, it is best to avoid the blings and jazz and stick to pure formal wears for the right kind of impression. Men can stick to their tuxedo, while women can happily go around in their flowy gowns for a wonderful event. Here are some helpful tips for you to make your choice. Just pick your cues and rock the stage.
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Formal Wedding Dresses
For Men
Heading for a wedding but clueless about what to wear. Fret not! These simple tips can help you find out your way easily through your wardrobe. Read on to pick your cues.
  • What better style can do for a man than a perfect suit to accentuate the suave features? If you are totally confused on what to wear for your friend’s big day, just don on a suit. However, don’t forget to style the silhouette and color of your suit as specified in the wedding invitation.
  • If the wedding attire is not specified on the wedding card, you can play with your choice as per the season and wedding time. For summer/spring wedding, you can go for linen and twill ensemble. You can also try wearing English morning coat and vest for an ultra-formal look. For night, try wearing dark colored suits like navy blue, charcoal, black or gray.
  • If you are heading for a formal do, wearing a tuxedo may just do fine. Just don a black jacket with satin or grosgrain lapels, trousers and a bow tie. Add to this a chic cummerbund and you are good to go. For a more dramatic evening, you can try the traditional tuxedo with tails, a top hat, an overcoat, a cane, and of course, a white tie.
  • You can also opt for a white dinner jacket if you wish to add a touch of glam to your suave appeal. A black or charcoal-colored suit would just be equally impressive. For daytime weddings, you can turn up being an attention grabber by dressing up in cotton, tweed or linen suit in an earthy color or a classic dark color.
  • No matter what you wear, it’s important to accessorize yourself well. Grabbing a right tie can make all the difference to the way you look. A silk or satin bow tie would just look great with a tux. For belts, keep it thin, black and shiny. If you wish to glam up your look with cufflinks, it's best to stick to pearl or silver for daytime weddings, and black or gold for evening events. For shoes, go for black, plain toe oxfords. Avoid tipped or casual shoes.
For Women
Deciding on what to wear for a wedding can leave you with pre-wedding jitters. These helpful tips on what to wear can help your pretty ladies walk high on glam quotient.
  • When it comes to choosing formal attire for the big day, women surely are game for experimenting with their options. For an evening event, one can try wearing a floor length gown and match it up with the right accessories, smoky eyes and some blings.
  • For a more formal ‘Black Tie’ do, you can pick up a mid-calf length dress or a shimmery cocktail dress to be more precise. You can glam it up with blings and seductive high heels.
  • Pull the stops with your sartorial sense this wedding! For a full glam up formal look, you can go for a strapless dress that accentuates your best feature. However, be careful of wearing your dress too low or exposing lots of skin as it might look indecent in a formal setting. You can also wear a halter dress in solid color for a daintier look.
  • Empire cuts can never be out of vogue. Try dressing up yourself in empire waist dress that accentuates your assets and covers lower body flaws. You can also get feminine with a formal beaded dress that enhances the lady in you and adds to the beauty of the evening.

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