Healthy and beautiful are a matter of pride. Explore this article to find some basic nail care tips that will help you flaunt them.

Basic Nail Care Tips

Hands have always played an important role in every part of our life be it a social occasion or a job interview. No wonder, healthy and clean nails are necessary to leave an everlasting impression, showing the basic hygiene and personal sense of style. It is also a clear mirror of our general health and displays our concern for our health. In addition, nails provide protection to our fingers and improve dexterity. Today there are wide range of saloons that offer nail care packages to make them strong and look healthy and beautiful. However, having healthy nails is a continuous process and it is not feasible for everyone to shell out money from their pockets for this job quarterly. Hence we have come up with some basic nail care tips that can keep the nails shining and in the pink. Read this article to find some basic nail care tips and flaunt them everyday.
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Easy Tips For Nail Care 
  • To get rid of brittle nails, soak it in a bowl of warm water with few drops of lemon juice added to it. Do it for 15 minutes twice a week to have healthy long nails.
  • Drink lots of water and include lot of fresh vegetables and salad in the diet to have shiny and healthy nails.
  • Chose the right kind of filer to shape your nails. Avoid using metal nail filers as it can rip nails. Lay your hands on wood nail filer or emery boards that are inexpensive and would need frequent replacing. You can also use crystal glass filers that can shape both natural and artificial nails. Moreover it can be easily be sterilized with hot water.
  • Harden your soft nails by soaking them in warm oil for about 20 minutes every alternate day.
  • Don’t remove cuticle from the nail as it will make them susceptible to infections. Instead it can be pushed backward using good quality cuticle oil or orangewood stick.
  • Try using non- acetone polish removers to remove the nail polish and avoid using it for more than once a week. You can also go for peel- off nail paint that can be removed whenever you want a change.
  • Always dry the nails after bath or washing the hands and apply lotion as the soap makes it dry and easy to break.
  • Wearing darker shades of nail paint often discolor the natural nail color hence you should always apply the base coat that would prepare the nails for colored polish.
  • Let your nails breathe by giving them break from nail paint from time to time as an unattractive, yellow tint will develop on the nails.
  • Before going for a meeting or presentation, apply and rub petroleum jelly to the nails and then rub it again with a soft cloth. This will make them shine and look healthy.
  • If you binge on biting your nails every now and then, stop it immediately as it will not damage your nails and cuticle but will also grip you in the clutches of many diseases.

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