Whether it is clothing, make up, or jewelry, all should complement each other. Read more on how to pick jewelry in accordance with your face cut.

How To Choose Jewelry That Suite Your Face Type

When it comes to beauty, every small piece adorning the body counts! Hollywood celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie are well known for their sense of fashion, and their love for snake jewelry has set a new hot fashion statement! Whether it’s a celebrity ring, earring or necklace – if you catch it on a star, it becomes red hot fashion statement. Following the trend set by a star is a good idea, but equally important is to check whether that trend complements your body, face, and lifestyle. Whether it is clothing, make-up, or jewelry, all play an essential role in making us look beautiful. Jewelry being the most eye-catching piece of your attire plays an important role in highlighting or playing down certain features. If you pick a wrong type of jewelry, then you will end up emphasizing the weak points on your face and wiping out the impact of your make-up and dress. Here are some tips, which will help you in choosing jewelry in accordance with the shape of your face. 
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Choosing Jewelry According To Face Type
Round Shape
You have a round face if the length of the face is equal to its width and outer curve is nearly in a circular shape. If you have, a round face then it's best to settle for long and angular curved lines. This will add a little angle to your face. Long and dangling earrings are the best choices for women with round face. You can also go for square and rectangular shape earrings, as they will lessen the roundness of the face. Round faced women shouldn’t go for round earrings as they only end up emphasizing the roundness of the face. If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28" to 32" inches,  are for you. It will be a great choice to add definition to your face.

Long Shape
If the length of your face is greater than the width of your face then you should avoid wearing long earrings. Long earrings will highlight the length of your face and make it look more elongated. The best style to suit you is elegant chandelier or simple studs. You can also choose circular or triangular earrings; they will add roundness to your face. In choosing a necklace, choker will be perfect for you especially if you have a long neck. 

Oval Shape 
You are lucky if you are born with classic oval face! Oval face is neither too long nor too wide. If you have this face type, you can try most of the earrings. So, try almost any shape and style to decide in which one you look best. A cute style for you will spiral dangler earrings. However, what you should avoid are earrings, which are too long because these will make your face look elongated. You can choose from either long or short necklaces. However, if you have a long neck, then pick a short necklace.

Heart Shape
If you have small chin, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you have heart shaped face. With your face teardrop, chandelier, circular, and triangular earrings, match the best. They will highlight your chin. If you have a heart shaped face, then you should avoid the earrings of the same shape, for instance, heart shaped hoops. An interesting style for you will be pyramid shaped earrings. Complement these earrings with a small chain in your neck.

Square Shape
If your jaw line and chin are of the same width then you have a square shaped face. From curved, drop to dangling earrings, all will suit your face. You should avoid wearing square and rectangular shapes. Add roundness to your face with hoops, long teardrops, or multi-layered danglers, which will give length to your face. If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28" to 32" inches, are for you. 
Diamond Shape 
Wide cheekbone and a narrow jaw line are characteristic of diamond shaped face. You should choose short and wide styled earrings. Studs are simply great for you. However, you should avoid long or curved earrings. Earrings of same shape as your face should also be avoided. In necklace, choker can be a good choice for you, as it will soften and contrast the sharp angle of your chin.

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