The retro look of the 70s was a far cry from the matte fashion trends of the 60s. Learn more on the makeup fashion of the 1970’s and how to adorn one.

70s Makeup Fashion

“History repeats itself….” and this saying synchronizes with no other term better than fashion. A lot of retro fashion has seen its revival during the 2000s, and when it came, it hit the market with a vengeance. Talking about the fashion of yesteryears, the early 60s fashion triggered the heavy use of wigs and false eyelashes paving the way for a fake look. The arrival of 70s vanquished these exhibitory fashions and concentrated more on natural looks. It was the 70s that brought a breath of fresh air into the world of fashion, and makeup. Ladies, all of a sudden, preferred exposing their ‘naked’ eyes, and this marked the grand entrée of the nude or no-makeup look. This complete natural look was enriched not only by the use of a restricted color palette and pale shades, but also by giving great attention to a spotless look. By cold-shouldering the doll-inspired look, the makeup artists of that era helped reign in the makeup kit, putting an end to the more dramatic, and eye- popping effects. The neutral colors and pastels took over the crown and popularized the low-maintenance look, shifting the attention to the natural features and treasures. Since, the 70’s also saw the popularity of disco music; it was the torchbearer for the much acclaimed fashion and trends of the 70s. From glitter to bell-bottoms, the fashion and makeup reflects the musical scores of Donna Summers, and the Bee Gees. If you are looking for a complete transformation in your look then give the 70s makeup a try. Read on to learn more about it.
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How To Get The 70s Look?
Since, it sticks to only neutral colors and pastels your natural features will be more enhanced by it. You can adopt the trends and experiment with the tendencies of this golden age by enriching your makeup artistry more with the reviving classy looks. 

Things Required
  • Lip gloss 
  • Shimmering eye shadow
  • Neutral or pale eyeliner
  • Muted blushes
  • Frosted lipstick shades
  • Mascara (optional) 
The Makeup
  • Get your face well moisturized. Skip foundation, if possible, or if you need some coverage to even out your skin tone, and hide blemishes you can use tinted moisturizers or illuminating foundations.
  • You can give a rosy glow to your cheeks by applying a mild pink blush. Since the 70s was all about pearlescent shadows, so you can work on your eyes with a shimmering eye shadow.
  • If you are using mascara, go for the lengthening process rather than the thickening one.
  • Except for the eye, the overall look of the 70’s is all about shine and glitter. You can make your lips luscious and rosy hued by using lipstick, and slick it with lip-gloss. And voila! You are done with your 70s makeup. 
Fashion Of 70s
  • The 70s saw the rise of women, as they chose to be more independent, and daring. This applied to their closets as well. Everything from minis to maxi dress to midi skirt ruled the fashion scene. Exotic and tropical prints like large floral prints were quite common those days.
  • The women of the 70s wore what they wished, as there was no specific set of trend. They even wore hot pants for discos. Bell-bottoms also set a mark during that time. Trousers and trouser suits were in great demand as were platforms.
  • Fashion changes had affected both women and men alike during the 70s. Running shoes became essential additions to women and men's closets despite the lack of athletic craze. Men began borrowing women's clothing, and took to wearing makeup and using clear polish on their nails. Blouses, and slinky shirts were the ‘in’ thing for celebrities in the music and television industry.
  • Hair were styled straight and long, parted slightly on one side. However, Afro perms were also quite prevalent, and needed only an air dry to fluff them.

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