Black pearl jewelry is becoming extremely popular nowadays and is as elegant as white pearl. Here are some tips on how to buy black pearl jewelry.

Tips To Buy Black Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have long been known as a sign of elegance and women of high society, who would not want to be seen dressed badly, would go for pearl jewelry rather than of any other precious element. Pearls give the wearer a sophisticated look, speaking of understated elegance and good taste in dressing. Nowadays, it is not just the classic white or pink pearls that the rich and sophisticated endorse – increasingly people have begun to look out for the black pearl and black pearl jewelry is gaining popularity among women across cultures. Black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, are just as much a style statement as the white ones – the white ones could spell innocence and conformity with the codes of the society while the black ones spell confidence, dignity, and individuality. However, when it comes to black pearl jewelry, one need to be extra cautious of the fakes ones that the market is flooded with. Here’s how to buy black pearl jewelry.
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Origin Of Black Pearl 
Black pearls come from black-lipped oysters, which is why they get the black colour. These oysters are found in the Indian Ocean and also lying along the sea coasts of the French Polynesia. They are also referred to as Tahitian pearls because this little island near French Polynesia sells the largest number of natural black pearls. These solitary pearls normally come in deep black but they may also be in grayish blue, blue green, brown, reddish black or greenish black.
How To Buy Black Pearl Jewelry 
Here are some tips that will help you to buy authentic black pearl jewelry:
Verify Colour 
To avoid any encounter with fake pearls, it is always best to verify the color of the pearl. It actually depends on taste of the purchaser and his/her color preference. However, do not think that the solid black pearl is most valuable. The more connotations a pearl has, the extra precious it is. So prefer a pearl, which has blue, purple, red, green, or pink connotations.
Round Is Good 
Genuine perfectly round pearls are always the rarest. They are also most expensive because they are seen as a sign of sophistication and elegance. Strung together into a necklace, they give the impression of understated elegance.
How Is Jewelry Made 
Black pearls, like the classic white ones, each have a unique color and size. In buying black pearl jewelry, go for a piece that has pearls that are matched perfectly in terms of size and color. A piece of black jewelry made like this shows the dedication that the jeweler has put in making the jewelry.
All That Glitters Is Better 
Carefully notice the polish finish of the pearl. It should gleam perfectly and have a clear reflection. The gleam of a black pearl is a very important factor in choosing black pearl jewelry. In many cases, it is a much important consideration for black pearls than even the size or dimensions.
Keep Away From Fake 
Telling the difference between imitation pearls and the real ones is quite simple: the tooth test. When you rub a real pearl - natural or cultured - across your teeth, the pearl will feel slightly gritty. When one does the same with a fake, on the other hand, it's likely to feel smooth and slippery. If you're still having trouble deciding whether it's real, ask the vendor to scrape the pearl with a knife. The real pearl will disintegrate to give powder while the fake one will reveal the plastic bead underneath.

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