Pearls, especially black ones are the ultimate gem of sophistication, especially as a ring. Here’s what to look for in a black pearl ring.

Tips On Buying Black Pearl Rings

Pearls, as most of us who believe in theories that gems affect our lives, are known to bring out compassion and gravity in people. Ayurveda recommends the use of pearl-based cosmetics for women who suffer from dry and scaly skin. Even if such theories are considered hogwash, most of us know that pearl jewelry renders a calm, sophisticated appearance to people, like that of genteel rich class. White pearls speak for a womanly grace while black Tahitian pearls are known to give the wearer the look of being in command. So, if you are looking forward to gifting a ring to that special woman in your life (who obviously controls the strings attached to you!), a black pearl ring is perhaps the most elegant thing. Here’s what you must consider for buying black pearl rings.
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How To Buy Black Pearl Rings 
Here’s what you must consider for buying black pearl rings:
Pearl Luster 
Carefully notice the polish finish of the pearl. It should gleam perfectly and have a clear reflection. The gleam of a black pearl is a very important factor in choosing black pearl jewelry. In many cases, it is a much important consideration for black pearls than even the size or dimensions.
Pearl Color 
To avoid any encounter with fake pearls, it is always best to verify the color of the pearl. It actually depends on taste of the purchaser and his/her color preference. However, do not think that the solid black pearl is most valuable. The more connotations a pearl has, the extra precious it is. So prefer a pearl, which has blue, purple, red, green, or pink connotations.
Pearl Nacre 
Nacre, is an organic or inorganic composite material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer; thus, it is also, what makes up pearls. The nacre is continuously deposited onto the inner surface of the shell, the iridescent nacreous layer, commonly known as mother of pearl. The layers of nacre smooth the shell surface and help defend the soft tissues against parasites and damaging debris. One needs to consider the thickness of the nacre. Probably it is better to ask your jeweler about it.
Pearl Shape 
Genuine perfectly round pearls are always the rarest. They are also the most expensive and are seen as a sign of sophistication and elegance. And we all like to look elegant and sophisticated. Strung together into a necklace, they give the impression of understated elegance.
Ring Design And Setting 
Your black pearl ring can be set on gold, white gold, silver, titanium or platinum. Many women love additional accent by combining the pearl with diamond, diamond substitute or any semi-precious stones. Some women love solitaire black pearl ring. You can even get custom black pearl ring for unique and personal piece.
Fake Alert 
Telling the difference between imitation pearls and the real ones is quite simple: the tooth test. When you rub a real pearl - natural or cultured - across your teeth, the pearl will feel slightly gritty. When one does the same with a fake, on the other hand, it's likely to feel smooth and slippery. If you're still having trouble deciding whether it's real, ask the vendor to scrape the pearl with a knife. The real pearl will disintegrate to give powder while the fake one will reveal the plastic bead underneath.

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