Cutting a little boy’s hair is very easy, which can be performed by a non-professional as well. Check out the article to know how to cut boys' hair.

How To Cut Boys' Hair

Is your kid scared to visit a salon or a barbershop for a haircut? Well, you can save him from the trouble and even your money, by giving your boy a new hair cut right there at home. Some of the basic haircut styles for boys, usually performed by professionals, can be tried at home also. A sharp pair of scissors, clippers and a comb comprise of the main supplies needed to perform the haircut. Though not a difficult task, cutting boys' hair at home does require you to follow a systematic approach. This is especially applicable when the strands of the hair are too short in length. You need to be very careful while running the clipper through the hair. In order to help you out with the task, we have provided tips on how to cut boys' hair at home, in the lines below.
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Cutting A Little Boy's Hair
Supplies Needed
  • Guide Comb
  • Hair Clippers, with guards
  • Comb or Brush
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Razor
  • Neck Brush
  • Hair Stylizing Product - Mousse (optional)  
  • The hair can be cut either in a standing or in a sitting position. If the boy is too small, ask him to sit on a high chair or stool.  
  • Wash the hair and towel-dry it lightly.
  • Detangle the boy’s hair by combing or brushing it.
  • Figure out the length for the haircut, by running the guide comb through the hair.
  • Start cutting the hair at the base of the hairline. Apply short and even strokes, as you brush the clipper through the hair.
  • As you move upwards, make sure that you keep an even pressure on the clipper. The pace should also be steady, so that you do not miss any strand.
  • Run the clipper to trace the hairline around the ears. While doing this, fold down the ears in a gentle manner.
  • After giving the haircut, take a look at it and make sure that the hair has been cut evenly.
  • Run the clipper again, on the missed out areas of the head.
  • Trim the hair strands around the hairline, using a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Using a razor, trim the hair around the neck.
  • Remove the hair trimmings off the face and neck, by sweeping them with a neck brush.
  • Comb the hair once again.
  • Stylize the hair using mousse.
  • Put on some good lights, so as to get the desired lighting.
  • If the hair dries in-between the cutting, use a spray mister to dampen it.
  • Never ever rush. Take your time to cut your boys’ hair.
  • To avoid fidgeting, play some calm DVD for your child to watch.
  • Visit a barber to ask for tips on how to cut your boys’ hair.
  • Sharpen your tools and check to see if they are ready to use.
  • Ask your child to have a quick shower and shampoo his hair after the cut, to remove all the hair trimmings.
  • Hold the scissors away from the head, to prevent any injury, just in case your kid moves suddenly.

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