Cutting your own hair is a great way to make sure they remain healthy and also save money. Tips on how to cut your own hair easily.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

Tired of that uneven growth of hair? Your visit to the cutting salon is long overdue and you don’t even feel like getting up on the lazy weekend afternoon and make a trip to get your hair cut. Cutting your own hair definitely is a feasible option but you are not really sure about how to go about it. Worry no more. Here we have given really easy step-by-step procedure on how to cut your own hair at the comfort of your home! So go through them and cut off those bangs for free!
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You Need:
  • Big Mirror
  • Comb / Brush
  • Electric Clipper
  • Newspapers
  • Pair of Good Scissors
  • Water Sprayer
  • First things first! Shampoo your hair nicely and make sure there are no traces of oil in it. Thereafter, comb your hair nicely and brush it out so that there no tangles. Don’t comb it immediately after your bath. Let it dry a bit naturally and then brush it.
  • Keep a water sprayer near yourself so that if the hair gets too dry while cutting, you can spray some water to make it wet and straight. Keeping the hair wet will help you cut it easily and evenly.
  • Now, divide your hair into two equal halves by taking a center parting. It should be absolutely straight and if you are not confident, please take help. You wouldn’t want to cut one side short and one side long and create a mess of your look.
  • Spread some newspapers in front of you so that the hair doesn’t fall on the floor and make it messy. After you are done cutting, you can just pick up the paper that will have the hair in it, roll it and throw it.
  • Bring both the sections in front of you and take one section at a time. Hold a small part of one section between your index and middle fingers, a few inches from the tips, precisely the amount you want to chop off. Cut nicely with a pair of sharp scissors along the line of your finger. Make sure your mirror is properly angled to give a proper view.
  • Keep doing this with the other section also and then bring your opposite flicks together in front of you to see if they match. Guys who want this to be done fast can use an electric clipper or shaver and just trim the hair at the back of the neck and the sideburns to look fresh!

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