Want to wear the latest trendy look on your face always? Well, extending your hairstyle life is a great way to save your pocket from fagging out. Read on to learn how to extend your haircut life.

How To Extend Your Haircut Life

Want to be a part of the latest trend, but your wallet is not supportive? Fret not, as it is a common problem faced by almost all youngsters. With the need to look gorgeous and glamorous every day, most of us have to shell out large sums of money on the latest attires and accessories, not to forget on hair salons as well. No look is complete without the perfect haircut. However, thanks to the skyrocketing prices, visiting a hair salon on a regular basis to get a touch-up of your hair styles has become a far off dream. A great way to be in sync with the latest fad without spending any moolah is to extend the life of your hairstyle. There are many methods which when implemented help you keep your hairstyle for a longer period of time and not to visit the saloon every second week. This article provides you with certain tips and tricks that will help you extend your hairstyle life and will give you longer breaks between hair styling appointments!
Tips For Extending Your Hairstyle Life
  • Ask your hairstylist to give you sub-layers all around the edges of your hair length. In the sub layer style, the stylist uses scissors to cut the hair vertically. This particular hairstyle helps in softening the hair ends to give you a just-left saloon look. Most of the people require constant trims, because their hair does not grow evenly. This method will avoid the uneven growth of hair, thus saving you a fair deal of money.
  • Spend once on a long bang that would hit at the top of your nose or ask your stylist for a side-slashed bang and rest for weeks! Side-slashed bangs start from your eyebrows and get longer, as they cross the forehead. These hairstyles blend well with the growing hair and therefore require less or no saloon visits.
  • Use of conditioners should be slender and you should also not apply heavy cream or serum on your hair frequently. Using too many products on a regular basis weighs down your hair, making it all the more difficult to maintain the shape and beauty of the hair cut.
  • In order to make your blow-out last longer, make sure that you dry your hair in equal sections until they dry completely. Finish with the dryer set to cool before removing your brush. This helps in sealing carapace layer and keeps your style intact.
  • Avoid the use of razor as far as possible. Razors do work well in giving an edgy, wild looking hair, but not without making your hair end very thin. The thinner your hair, the more they become frizzy and start splitting. Scissor cuts are what you should opt for. Scissor cuts can last long by producing stronger and healthier ends.
  • Spend once to get a layered cut and then cut down on your visit to a saloon for some time. It is a flattering hairstyle that can suit any hair type, and the best part is that it needs very little maintenance. Keep your hair below your shoulder length and ask your stylist to give you layers around your face and at the back of your head. Layer cut gives volume and depth to your hair. As such, even after the hair grows, the shape of the style remains intact, giving you longer layers.
  • If you are looking forward to cut down on your visits to the hair stylist, you can even make use of few aerosol sprays in order to weigh down your hair. This will help you maintain your hairstyle, cutting down your saloon visits.

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