A wrongly chosen hairstylist could force you to wear a hat indoors too. Here are some tips for finding the right hairdresser.

Finding The Best Hairdresser

It’s really isn’t easy being a woman these days! One has to deal with graveyard shifts, deadlines that appear like a noose hanging from the neck, busy husbands, and the prices of spa treatments spiraling out of proportion! What is this world coming to? Can a woman not get a pedicure in peace? In today’s world of extremely fast-paced lives, when it becomes extremely difficult for a woman to keep her looks intact, much less improve on her hairdo, the best thing to do is to get a personal hairdresser who would know the special needs of your hair, its texture and so on. He or she would also be able to give you tips on how to improve your hair and to make it better, healthier and should be able to keep you updated about the latest trends in hairstyling and hair care. The only problem is that personal stylists are very difficult to find, they are usually rather busy and have their own schedules which you would have to fit into,. Also, there are some yardsticks for measuring the right kind of hairdresser who would suit your needs. Since you plan to hire him or her for a longer period, you must make the choice carefully. Here’s how to find the best hairdresser.
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How To Find The Best Hair Stylist 
Here are some tips for finding the right stylist to suit your needs
Referee, Refer Me 
The first way to find a good hairdresser is to ask around and get to know about them from the various people who hire personal hairdressers and have had no complaints with them. You could look around in your neighbourhood, or ask friends and family members for references of stylists that they have found to be reliable and hassle free. The fact that you have a particular hairstyle requirement such as long hair, curly hair or problem hair should surely be mentioned when you ask for any referrals. In case of any cost or location constraints, make sure that information is also conveyed to the people you ask. You could also ask colleagues or friends of friends or just about anybody whose haircut you admire, to tell you about their stylist. Do not, however, get disheartened if someone refuses to share the name or contact number of their stylist – some people are extremely secretive about their hairdressers and would react adversely when asked about them. Concentrate on the advice of those who do let you know about their stylists.
Yellow Pages 
Another way to find a good hair stylist is to open the yellow pages, but remember not to choose only the prettiest advertisement. Call each number that appeals to your needs or spend a day shopping at your local mall. Carefully observe the haircuts of the women who work behind the counters in boutiques and makeup departments. When you chance upon a haircut you like, casually compliment her and ask the person where she got it cut and who cut it. Most women will be pleased and flattered to share this information.
Consultation With Them 
After you have zeroed in on that one hairstylist who seems to suit your needs, the best approach to getting a great haircut is to build a rapport with him or her. For that, you shall have to spend some time talking with a stylist to know as to whether he or she can help you out. You must ensure that there is no communication gap between the two of you and both of you know exactly what your hair needs are, even if you may not have the solution to it. A stylist who refuses to take the time to interact with you first, deserves second thoughts. In such cases, you will be forced into reconsidering using her/his services.
“I Want That Look” 
Apart from just talking randomly about hair products or so, it would be in your best interests if you took along with you pictures or magazine cut outs of the kind of look you want. Experienced hairstylists will know which hairstyle or hairdo would suit you, the colour of your hair, its texture, and your face well. Not every hairstyle would suit your face or the texture of your hair, so be prepared for a “no” as well. The idea is for you to strike a lifelong bond with your hairstylist so that s/he would be able to give you the treatment that you deserve and the care that your hair needs.

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