Most women in India have combination skin – which is oily, dry, and normal in parts. Since it is most tricky skin type, one should take care of it the most.

Tips For Women With Combination Skin

What all don’t we do to make our skin glow and be healthy? We remember to wash our face at least four to five times, irrespective of the season, drink lots of water, use all kinds of face packs, make frequent trips to the beauty salon and spend a fortune on beauty products. Most of us, however, do not know what skin type we possess, which makes it all the more difficult for us to take care of it, because the way to treat dry skin can never be the same as the way we treat oily or normal skin. Most women in India have combination skin, i.e. a combination of oily, dry, and normal skins. This is the reason why they are unable to take care of it – they treat it either for oily skin with gels or oil free products or dry skin with moisturizers and so on. Thus, here is how to take care of combination skin. 
How To Take Care Of Combination Skin 
What Is Combination Skin? 
Your skin can be considered as combination skin when your skin turns slightly shiny or oily on your nose and forehead roughly twenty minutes after washing. If your skin looks oily on your forehead, nose, or chin in the morning, even when you haven’t used a night cream, and when pores are slightly visible on your nose and forehead in a regular mirror, you might have combination skin. You may have to encounter occasional blemishes in this T-zone and your cheeks and jaw line may turn dry or have dry patches at certain seasons.
What Causes It? 
This skin type usually develops with time, and is most prominent in skins that were oily during puberty. When in your teens, sebum is usually stimulated by all those hormonal changes; when you outgrow your teens and enter the twenties, oily skin in the lower half of your face is generally caused by hormonal factors, such as stress, contraceptives, and menstruation. The oily and dry patches that are a sign of combination skin do change with age, so it is advisable to assess your skin type regularly so that you can adjust your skin care regime accordingly. It is not difficult to notice that combination skin is dependent on age, the seasons, the environment and hormonal fluctuations.
Taking Care Of Combination Skin 
Here’s how to take care of combination type skin:
For The Oily Portions 
If you apply moisturizers regularly, make sure to use the oil free ones and also remember to use them minimally. Also, make use of a gentle astringent or a toner especially for combination skin upon these areas. Stick to oil-free and oil-absorbing cosmetics on these areas to keep the shine in control. Matte-type foundation and dusting powders are excellent for this purpose. Remove make-up each night before bed because oil-prone areas can thrive under make-up. At least once each week, apply a face pack or mask that aims to fight oil and blackheads. Remember to apply it only to your oily areas. You could also use oatmeal, which is natural as well as inexpensive. Add a tiny bit of water and apply to the face and let it sit till it dries. Hair care can also affect the oily skin. If your hair holds grease and oils, wash it at least every other day with an oil-reducing shampoo.
For Dry Areas 
To take care of dry areas, it is best to stay away from alcohol-based cleansers; also, don’t use soaps since they tend to dry skin the most. You must wash the normal-to-dry areas of your face very gently. Take care not to scrub or rub too hard and use as little astringent as possible. Then apply a cold cream or moisturizer.

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