Picking a costume is fun, until done at the last minute; then it becomes a pain. Here are some ideas that could help choose a costume at the last minute.

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Costume parties are the best way to go when you want your friends to be creative with their dressing sense. It is all the more interesting to be invited to such a party – you feel the need to stand out from the crowd. The difficult part is to look for a suitable costume, even more so when you have been procrastinating till the last minute and are now in a fix about what to wear. If the party has a theme, it would obviously make your job easier but if there is none, then what you need is easy, last minute ideas that will never let you down. The costumes will have to demand very little planning and the clothes and accessories needed should be easily accessible. Here are some ideas for a costume at the last minute. 
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Quick Costume Party Ideas

Here are some ideas that you can put to use at the last minute and end up looking great: 

Power Woman
She’s today’s woman – smart, independent and confident. Wear a full sleeved shirt and a well fitted pant; make sure to tuck in the shirt. Wear a coat, tie your hair in a bun and wear a normal pair of spectacles, preferably with no power. If you already wear spectacles, it would obviously be better. Carry a light briefcase to complete the scene. 

Rap Singer
This is the easiest costume you could choose. All you need is loose fitting clothes, a cap or a bandana, and lots of silver chains for accessories. If you want to look like Eminem, you may even want to dye your hair blonde or wear a blonde wig; the choice is yours. If you plan to wear a cap, make sure it is neither on the front nor turned all the way back – most rappers wear the cap angled, at either of the sides. 


Social Rights Activist
We all hate them secretly, though we praise them publicly to sound politically correct. Wear a lot of kohl in your eyes, wear Kurtas made of Khadi, carry a cloth bag or jhola and wear spectacles to complete the picture. Carry a placard that talks about the current issue and go around waving it and shouting slogans in favor of whatever it is. 

Kekta Kostume
It is best to look like a character straight out of Ekta Kapoor’s serials – pick your favorite one and dress like her. This costume is easy but will require you to carry a whole casket of jewels on you, which might actually weigh you down! Agreed there are so many of them and they all seem to blend into one another with no visible differences between two of them, but you can use that to your advantage when you are asked what you are dressed like and you take the name of one character, only to be told that you are actually mistaken and are dressed like another character on another show. You can just brush aside the mistake by saying “I wouldn’t know! They all look the same anyway...” One tip: the best would be to dress up like the vamps or the negative female characters in these shows – you might actually win a prize if there is a contest for the best costume. 

Classical Musician
This is another easy costume idea that demands minimum in terms of dress or accessories. All you need is a Kurta-Pyjama combination, leather slippers, a brown or beige colored shawl and maybe a musical instrument of your choice, preferably a harmonium. If you want to dress as a carnatic musician, instead of a kurta-pyjama, wear a white shirt and a dhoti under it. Complete the look with three stripes made of chalk powder on your forehead.

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