Did you know that the shape of your face determines the kind of hairstyle? For those of you who have oblong face, listed below are certain haircuts which you should pertain to.

Oblong Face Hairstyles

How important is the shape of your face to create a hairstyle that won’t turn out to be a disaster at the end? To put it simply, even a well-executed hairstyle can make a fool out of you, thanks to the wrong face shape. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a hairstyle is all about shape and geometry. It is all about framing your face in a perfect way to balance your entire look. A hairstyle is considered to be perfect only when it succeeds in minimizing your unpleasant facial attributes and complements the positive ones. However, there is one golden rule that applies to face shape balancing. A good hairstylist should always try to achieve an oval shape, which is the most pleasing of all. So, to attain this standard, while long faces need to be shortened virtually, wide ones require a bit of length. This article particularly focuses on oblong face hairstyles. An oblong face is another version of an oval face with more length and less width. The prime object for a hairstyle to suit this face shape is adding width to minimize the vertical length. Explore oblong face haircuts for men and women. Also, given are tips that should be followed to look chic and fashionable.

Oblong Face Haircuts

For Women

Short Cropped Hairdo
For those who wish to wear their hair short, this is a great option. This style consists of heavy top layers which softly fall into a rounder shape. There are a lot of bangs which virtually help to reduce the vertical length of the face into half. The chin appears shorter as well as more balanced. And the best part is, you can opt for this hairstyle, no matter what your hair texture is. Chin or shoulder length bob cut can be another option for those who wish to keep their hair short. To add a bit of stylish zing, you can also go for a haircut with bangs skimming through the eyebrows.
Medium Fringed Hairdo
This hairstyle is best suited for those who wish to keep their hair up to their chin. The fringes in the front, covering the entire forehead, helps complement the long face, making it appear shorter. The sides as well the back are layered to provide one’s oblong face with required width and volume. You can style your hair further with curls and waves. Even a slightly shorter length would do no harm.
Long Wavy Hairdo
Whether you have straight or curly hair texture, if you wish to keep your hair long even with an oblong face, go for this hairdo. This soft wavy hairstyle complements your face shape and you can look your best. While the bangs help to virtually shorten the overall length of your face, the layers add to the body and bounce and create the necessary width on the sides.
For Men
Long Layered Cut
Have an oblong face just like Johnny Depp? This slightly messy hairdo will accentuate your low-maintenance persona. It is a carefully structured haircut, with a top-heavy layered cut, which are strategically placed all over your crown as well as the back. The disheveled bangs look fashionably messy, taking your “I don’t care a fig” attitude to another level altogether. Moreover, this is a complete wash-and-wear style and should take you no time in the morning to set it right.
Buzz Cut
If you happen to be a man of dominance, class and sophistication, nothing in the world besides this haircut can impart that vibe. This hairdo will help define your face and make your jaw line appear wider, virtually reducing your face length. This hairdo is best suited for those with an oblong face shape. Although mostly held synonymous with armed forces recruits, lending an air of sophistication makes this haircut a buzzed choice among the fairer sex.
  • The worst thing that an oblong face haircut could do is make your face appear longer. So, avoid hairstyles which add further length to your crown and lengthen your look.
  • Middle partitions are a strict no-no. Although a middle part is a great way to make a small round face appear long, avoid it in case of oblong faces.
  • Wispy chin length styles without bangs that have no body or don’t add width to your long face is not a preferred choice.The ideal hair length is one that does not go below the neckline.

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