Everybody possesses different facial shapes. Here are a few hairstyling ideas for those with long faces.

Haircuts For Long Faces

Everybody possesses a different facial shape. Some of us are gifted with striking oval faces, others with endearing round faces or slender oblong faces. As houses varying in symmetry hold diverse roof styles and awnings, similarly varying shapes of faces require diverse haircuts and hairstyles. Heightened customization has evolved in every market and its demand is thriving with regards to customized hairstyling. A flattering cut effectively hides low points of one’s face and vividly illuminates the striking features. Long faces share many similarities with square faces but are, obviously longer! While pondering over the ideal haircut for a long face, it is essential to take into account the presence of elevated cheekbones, narrower jaw lines and a slightly enlarged forehead.

Additional width is highly recommended for oblong faces. This creates an illusion and minimizes the length of the face. Longer top layers and pretty bangs for the short and medium-long hairstyles are guaranteed to attract a throng of feisty eyeballs. If you’ve ever despised your long face, here are some glamorous and trendy hairstyles that will coerce you to love it and thank your stars!

Long Face Haircuts

Bob Haircuts
Chin-length bobs are perfect for long faces as they provide the needed extra width. You can obtain a straight bob with the presence of delicate layers, stemming from the crown. Blow-dry the hair as you direct the layers forward, at a slightly tilted angle. Maintain a little extra length on the sides and sustain the beautiful frame. Shorter upfront layers and side swept peek-a-boo layers add to the splendour of this haircut. Bob haircuts are chic, groovy and will reserve you a coveted seat in the “hot women department”.

Hairdressers of today never cease to recommend the layers and simultaneously rave about the wonders it does to your face. For every differing shape or proportion, there is a layer-centric hairstyle to suit that particular shape. Oblong faces convey blaring commands for more volume at their sides. And the most viable means to achieving that is “uneven levels”. Enhancing height and texture of the strands provide striking definition, while pretty curls create the visual effect of facial roundness. However, if it breaks your heart to part with your gorgeous long tresses, you should add major layers to compensate for the length. 

Long Top Layer
A golden method that magically enables your face to shrink (to the mirror and the public at least) is by leaving the strands on the top layer longer than the rest of your bulky hair. Use a flat iron to flex up the hair ends.We all know that a gravity defying hairdo is bound to boost the distinctiveness of your oblong face. Your hairstyling horizons extend from sporting sharp XXL bangs to a sophisticated side-swept looks. But do ensure that you select the right length to hold up your elegant strands.
Bangs were primarily invented to conceal a considerable portion of large foreheads. Bangs can be blunt, elongated, and funky. The variations in fact are numerous! Bangs add fullness to your cheeks as you watch the narrow look fade out. Lately, blunt bangs seen hanging almost parallel with the eyebrow is all the rage. If you aren’t prepared for taking a total plunge and inculcating blunt bangs into your style, settle for side-swept bangs.

Styles To Avoid
  • Avoid short layers that add volume on top.
  • Stay as far away from extremely long or short cuts as you can. They tend to elongate your face.
  • Say goodbye to the middle-partings! In fact, consistently parting your hair to one side gives the illusion of a shorter face and gives your style more fullness.
Significant Tips To Remember
  • Wavy strands are a must-have if you so desire to combat the deficit of refined curves.
  • Long and eyebrow-sweeping designs are known to slash a generous amount of the length of the face.
  • Try out the beachy waves! Take 1-inch sections and twist them around a medium-size curling iron. For roughly 45 seconds wrap your hair around the iron. Repeat this around the head. Adorable waves develop after you run your fingers through your hair. This is one of the standard tricks to dupe the masses into believing you have a well rounded face.

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