Are you looking for a classic retro look or thinking of adding a modern flair to the existing updo? Read through the article and learn how to style a beehive hairstyle that would suit your choice.

Beehive Hairstyle

Remember Audrey Hepburn’s character in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’? The fashionista sported a large fashionable beehive, a trend that originated in 1958 and was highly popular throughout the 1960s. Be it the 60s singing icon Dusty Springfield or the recent Brit jazz singer Amy Winehouse, beehive hairstyle has been popular since its emergence, and is surely one to stay on for years down the line. A perfect accessory for an elegant prom dress or a stunning wedding gown, this retro version is both sleek and sophisticated and an enduring symbol of the fashion of the yesteryear. A beehive hairstyle is actually a lacquered version of “big hair”. So, for anyone looking for some extra height and extra volume of hair, this is just the style for you. Be it an aristocrat or just another rebellious teenager looking for the word ‘different’, this hairstyle defines the persona of the wearer in its own special way. To attain a beehive hairstyle, your hair needs to be backcombed or teased. Apply generous amount of hair-spray to help your hair achieve intense height. Here are few instructions as to how you would go about to style a beehive hairdo.
How To Style A Beehive Hairdo
  • First of all, shampoo your hair properly. Once your hair has been washed, towel dry.
  • Take a curling iron and set the hair in the curlers. This is basically done as curls add additional height and volume to your hair.
  • Apply hair gel/spray/mousse to your tresses to give them volume and a strong base to build on.
  • Now, clip the hair from the forehead to the crown out of the way. This strand of hair will be styled last to give the entire look a more polished and refined form.
  • Beginning with the hair closest to the crown, pull the end of the curls to the previously styled curls. The basic idea is to swirl the hair from the crown into the curls, continuing to build a height. Continue doing this till only the strand which was left out previously remains.
  • Now is the turn to style the front section to give you an overall finished look. Style the front section of hair by adding more height and building it around the sides of the beehive. You can even swoop it across the forehead.
  • After the entire hairdo is done, spurt generous amount of hair spray to give a smooth look and avoid the style from getting tangled-up and messy.
Modern Variations
You don’t necessarily need to have a wild, exaggerated beehive hairdo style to make a statement. Modern variations of a beehive look elegant and sophisticated, without portraying an exaggerated or over-the-top look. Here is how you can add a subtle height to your head by not overdoing it  and one that would go well for both formal and casual occasions:
Partial Beehives
To soften the severity of a beehive hairdo, you can leave your loose hair to fall on your shoulders or maybe let tresses of hair fall over your oval or angular face.
Sculpted Bangs
Bangs sculpted in the form of waves, curls or swoops either on the forehead, reaching up to the cheeks, or the side of the entire hairdo can result into an elegant beehive.
Using Accessories
If you wish to add further flair and sparkle to your hairdo, try accessorizing it with gems or ribbons. When accentuated with a tiara, flowers or veil, it can turn out to be an excellent wedding hairstyle.
Combination Styles
French twists and braids when combined with a beehive can do wonders to give you a chic look. Just go on and get styling to sport a new and different you!

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