Butterfly tattoos are otherwise also called ‘feminine tattoos’ as they are favored by and popular among women and girls all over the world.

Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

Butterfly tattoos have been an inspiration of art even during the ancient period in Egypt. The Greeks believed that every time a butterfly flies out of its cocoon a human soul emerges. Many people from different cultures believed that it is a symbol of regeneration and prosperity and many believed it to be a symbol of love and beauty, and also a symbol of freedom and good luck. Once you are over the fear of the needle and you attune yourself with an idea to embody a permanent piece of art on yourself, the first important thing that would cross your mind would be the tattoo design you would want to zero in on. Most women and girls who generally have a confusion on which tattoo design finally their body should be inked with, go for some girly stuff like flowers, sparkling stars or butterflies. Among these, most of the girls opt for a butterfly tattoo. It is the most preferred design by women and young girls because of its colorful and unique look. Women and girls go for butterfly tattoos because they can look really charming on any part of the body. Butterflies are considered a symbol of fragility and people believe that the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is a classic metaphor of the transformation of an earthly soul into a divine being. Here is an overview about butterfly tattoos.
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Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Girls
Even a small sized butterfly tattoo would be strikingly good on any part of your body and would look really charming on your arms or hands or any curve of your body. Many young girls find it trendier to have them on it on their backs as they are symmetrical and can be combined with any other design already tattooed or to be added later. They look really alluring when they are used on women’s exposed body areas. Have a look at where you can place your butterfly tattoos.

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos
The lower back is the most preferred area by women and girls alike to have a tattoo on. This is largely because of the convenience with which this tattoo can be shown off or hidden. This is the area where you can play with the design and size, too. You can make it more prominent by adding vibrant colors to it.

Butterfly Tattoos On The Wrist
If you don’t want big ones, then you may go for small designs on your wrist. These butterfly designs are really plain yet eye-catching. You can create your own design by combining even lettering or Celtic knots to it. You can make it colorful, but black butterfly tattoos seem to look best on the wrist.

Butterfly Tattoos On Feet
If you want to play hide and seek with your tattoo time and again, you can engrave small butterfly tattoos with feminine strokes on your foot. If you want it to be really dramatic, you can choose a design from the foot extending to the ankle or shin. For greater effect, you can even wear footwear matching the design.

Butterfly Tattoos With Names
If you want to stand out in the crowd, go for butterfly tattoos with names engraved around them, which would look really unique and special. Some love their names and some others love the name of their loved ones around the tattoos. According to the belief of the Chinese, a pair of butterfly symbolizes love and dedication. So girls even have their lover’s name engraved around a pair of butterfly tattoos along with their own. At times girls engrave their names on the wings or at times merge their sun sign and other symbols like the heart along with a butterfly tattoo.

Tattoo Care Tips

  • If you are a first timer, you can try a stick-on tattoo on any part of the body and then go for the permanent tattoo, as stick on tattoos can easily be removed.
  • If you have decided to have a butterfly tattoo, don’t make it too large and striking.
  • If you want names to be engraved along with the butterfly tattoo, then go to a professional who can do it perfectly.
  • You need to keep in mind several things as both making and removing of tattoos is really painful.
  • After a tattoo is done, one needs to take care for several months until it is fully healed.
  •  Never remove the bandage that the tattoo artist had put for at least two hours as it is a fresh wound and it needs time to heal.
  • After removing the bandage clean the area with a mild anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water. And if you find any blood or plasma oozing out, never wipe with a towel. To dry that area, use tissue or clean towel and pat it dry and never wipe it. If you are using a cloth towel, make sure it is disinfected properly.
  • After the area dries up, apply some antiseptic cream or moisturizer. You can also use products or lotions available at the chemist’s shop to apply on the tattoos.
  • The most important thing regarding tattoo care is that, you should avoid scratching off the skin that will peel off for a few days after the tattoo is done. Allow it enough time to heal. If the skin comes off on its own, it assists in getting a richer color.

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