While applying makeup for a stage performance, you should consider the skin tone and the right choice of cosmetics. Learn how to do stage makeup with the tips given in the article.

How To Do Stage Makeup

The success of a stage performance largely depends upon the way it is presented by the performer. Apart from the costume and the performance, the one thing that catches the immediate attention of the audience, is the makeup that he/she has applied. The extremely highlighted eyes, bright lips and rosy cheeks together make stage makeup a true head turner! It is difficult to apply a thick makeup and make it last throughout the performance. However, if the cosmetics are applied appropriately, the makeup will stand throughout the performance, without running down from the face of the artist. With the tips given in the article, you will know how to do the basic stage makeup.
Stage Makeup Application And Techniques 
  • The first step is to apply foundation. While foundation is usually according to the skin tone, a darker shade should be used for stage performance. To achieve the desired shade, blend two colors - one being light and the other being the darker shade. The darker shade you have chosen shouldn't be excessively dark.
  • Apply the foundation at the forehead first and then move up to the hairline. Cover the face, including the eyelids and ears. Apply on the neck as well.
  • Blush your face with a rosy color, after the foundation is applied. A paler color will be suitable for men. Streak the blush all over the cheekbone. Blend it halfway down the cheek. While applying the blush for men, the rosy color should look natural. On the other hand, women shall apply it a bit dark, so that it looks prominent and is visible under the hot stage lights.
  • The next step is to apply the eye makeup. To start with, draw a white colored 'highlighter' along the brow bone, right underneath the eyebrow. Blend it well, so that the area is lightened and all the white streaks disappear.
  • Now, apply a color that is one shade darker than your skin. Brush it over the eye, just below the brow bone, where you have applied the white highlighter. Use it beneath the eyes as well.
  • The next layer of eye makeup is even darker color, which is applied along the top of the eyelid and is blended downwards. This should be applied only on the top of the eye.
  • After the color is applied, line the eye with a dark brown eyeliner. If you want a little more wild makeup, you may choose a black eyeliner.
  • Brush the top eyelashes with a thick coat of mascara.
  • The next step after eye makeup is to apply lipstick. Men may choose a bit darker shade than their usual lip color. For women, the lipstick can be loud and bright. Whatever the shade is, the lip liner should perfectly match the lipstick.
  • To give the finishing touch, dust your face with a loose powder. Make use of a large brush for the purpose. Loose powder secures the makeup in place, so that is doesn't run off due to sweating. 
  • The darker shade of the foundation that you choose should not be excessively dark.
  • The foundation should be applied in the appropriate quantity. It should not look like a mask.
  • Make sure that the lipstick is dark enough, so that it is quite visible to the audience sitting at a distance from you.

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