False eyelashes bring about a drastic change to any face, making your eyes look more attractive. Get more information about how to use and apply fake eyelashes.

False Eyelashes

Long and well-curled eyelashes not only appear attractive, but also enhance the looks of the wearer. It gives a stunning look to the face where eyes appear bigger, fuller and more appealing. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have such beautiful eyelashes. Thanks to the fashion evolution that has made it possible to use false eyelashes, like the one you saw on television, worn by your favorite celebrity yesterday and you were just left craving for it. Moreover, you can choose the false eyelashes which suit you the most from a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. If you know how to put the eyelashes properly, you will be the star of the next party and nobody would come to know that they are fake.
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Things Required
  • False eyelashes
  • False eyelash glue
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Tweezers
  • Mirror
  • First of all, you are required to trim the false eyelashes. In case the lash is broader than your eye, trim it on one side lash by lash. Otherwise, trim each lash to make the whole eyelash appear more natural. Towards the outer corner of the eye, the lashes should be longer. However, the lash length differs slightly.
  • Put a little eyelash glue on the back of your hand. Take the eyelash and run it along the glue. From edge to edge, blow gently so that the glue gets a little set and can be applied to your lashes.
  • Take the help of tweezers to pick the lashes and bring it closer to your natural eyelash line.
  • Press the false eyelash from end to end and hold so that the glue settles (depending on the adhesive, it will take minimum of 30 seconds to a minute). This helps the eyelashes to get set, ensuring that lifting of your fingertips won’t take the lashes along.
  • You can use eyelash curler to get more natural look. After this, apply mascara to bond the fake lashes with yours.
  • If there is any gap between the false lashes and the natural lash line, use eyeliner to fill it.  
Tips & Warnings
  • These directions are valid for applying individual lashes too. While applying the lash, start from the outer corner and thereby proceed in.
  • Remove the lashes with the special powder given with your false eyelashes before going to sleep. Else, take a cloth drenched in warm water and keep it over the lashes to undo the glue. Petroleum jelly can also be used to take the eyelashes off. Don’t pull the lashes forcefully, or else you could take off some of your own lashes too.
  • Use the original packaging to keep the lashes so as to maintain their shape and make it simpler for you to reuse them.
  • Use black eyelash glue because it will make gaps look as if you have applied eyeliner.
  • Don’t use too much glue; otherwise you might clump your natural eyelashes. Try to put a fine line of glue to your false lashes.
  • In case glue gets in your eyes, gently take the eyelashes off and wash your eyes thoroughly. You can apply them again after drying the lashes properly. 
  • To avoid contamination, always prefer using clean eye lashes, tweezers and other accessories.

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