Men’s designer underwear market is growing rapidly in India. Read on to know the latest trends to help you in choosing men’s underwear.

Trends In Men's Underwear

Gone are the days when women, mostly the wives, used to sew or purchase innerwear for their husbands. The Indian male of the 21st century is well aware of the prevailing fashion trends in the underwear market. They can often be seen lined up on the lingerie shops, looking just for the right style of underwear for themselves. 
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Men’s fashion is on a high rise in India and the men’s innerwear segment is also not unaffected by it. What used to be a trivial cloth for centuries, has now come out as a mark of style for most of the Indian males. Nowadays, the Indian man is reportedly showing much interest in the innerwear segment.
Now, the question arises that in spite of this cloth being worn under the trousers or pants, what is the need of its various styles and designs? The answer is very simple. Different styles of underwear provide a liberty to men to choose from amongst various styles for their indoor and outdoor activities.
Latest Trends and Styles
At present in India, many companies have mushroomed up, offering different styles and varieties of men’s undergarments at a nominal cost. Some of the basic and unusual styles of underwear’s that are on offer in the Indian markets are as follows :
‘Frenchie’ Briefs 
‘Frenchie’ briefs are immensely popular amongst the Indian men nowadays. These are Y- shaped briefs and are very popular as a swimwear, besides everyday wearing. These provide a firm support to the wearer’s genitals and are widely appreciated by male sportsmen and athletes in India.
Boxer Briefs 
Boxer brief is a hybrid product providing the benefits of both, boxer shorts and briefs. These are long on the legs like shorts and usually have a tight fitting like briefs. These briefs are designed mainly for everyday wearing. Men can choose from their different styles and designs, like access flap, button front and even a pouch design. These briefs are also a good choice for indoor and outdoor sports activities.
Boxer Shorts 
The boxer shorts, as its name suggests are similar to any other shorts. The main difference is that, unlike shorts these are worn below trousers or pants. They also have long legs, upto the thighs and have a loose fitting. These are mainly used for everyday wearing.
Medieval Briefs 
These briefs are quite similar to the common men’s brief. The only difference is that, these are slightly round in shape and tailored like the women’s panties. Surprised? Don’t worry your masculinity is not in danger because these are absolutely designed for men. These are aptly provided with angled fly-front, gonads pouch and a hidden pocket between your legs. Available in a variety of fabrics and colors, these are swiftly gaining popularity in the Indian male undergarments market.

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