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History Of Sanitary Napkins

A sanitary napkin forms an important part of gynecological hygiene. This article traces the history & origin of Sanitary napkins/ pads and provides interesting background information on them.

Camouflage Wedding Dresses

Camouflage wedding dresses are the latest rage and style for high class weddings. Check out information on camo wedding dresses.

How To Treat A Sunburn

Given below are some effective remedies for sun burn. To know how to treat a sun burn, read on.

Male Emo Hair Styles

One of the most popular punk hairstyles for youngsters comprise of the Emo hair style. Check out the latest Emo hair styles for men/guys.

History Of Pyjamas

Pajamas are important piece of clothing with an interesting history. Check out the origin of pyjamas, and get information about its background.

Dark Spot On Fingernail

Sometimes, a dark-spotted fingernail can be symptomatic of various inherent diseases in the body. Check out reasons for dark spots on fingernails/ finger nails & ways of preventing them.

How To Look Laid Back

The casual and laid back look is one of the coolest styles to don. Check out some useful tips to know how to look laid back.

How To Make Lip Balm

Are you looking for some homemade lip balm recipe, which will help you in making your own balm? Check out the one given below and know how to make lip balm.

Types Of Skin Rashes

There are different kinds of skin rashes that can affect the body of an individual. With this article, learn about identifying some of the most common skin rash.

History Of Bra

Even the brassiere, popularly known as the ‘bra’ has a history. Check out the origin and interesting information on the background of bra.

Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach wedding can be a casual and stylish affair with the kind of dress you choose. Check out some ideas for beach wedding attire.

Micro Braiding

Micro braiding is the process of getting the hair braided in a large number of thin braids. Read on to know how to micro braid.

How To Make Perfume

Making your own perfume at home is not at all cumbersome and difficult. Read the homemade perfume making procedure and get tips on how to make your own perfumes.

How To Smock

Smocking is the name of the embroidery technique used for stretching the cloth, instead of using elastics. With the instructions given below, learn how to smock.

Post Wedding Hair Care

Your hair need extra care on the day after wedding. Check out tips on post marriage hair care.

Shag Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles are the most chic hairstyles in the fashion world today. Know more about short and medium Shag haircut styles.

Summer Wedding Colors

Create the summer wedding color scheme / combination by picking from the myriad of colors dominating the season. Read this article to get ideas for the best summer wedding color scheme.

Tweezing Eyebrows

Tweezing your eyebrows is easy but requires caution. To know how to pluck or tweeze your eye brows, read on.

Hairstyles for Teens

Being experimentative, teens can stylishly carry off almost any kind of hairstyle. Read to know about different cute and trendy hair styles for teenagers.

Natural Make Up For Your Wedding

Applying a natural make-up for your wedding should give you a natural glow and also make you look special. Check out natural make-up for your marriage.

How To Cut Bangs

Wondering how to cut or trim your own bangs? Check out information and tips on cutting hair bangs.

Long Hair Cuts

Long hair cuts not only look good, but also provide a great deal of versatility as far as styling is concerned. Check out some popular haircut styles for long hair.

Haircuts For Square Faces

Haircuts for square faces should be chosen keeping in mind that they don’t accent the jawbone. Read on to explore the best hairstyles for a square shaped face.

Eco-friendly Clothing

The concept of eco friendly clothes is slowly catching up in India also, especially with India’s first eco-friendly clothing line being launched in the Wills India Fashion Week 2007.

Care For Colored Hair

Caring for colored hairs is very necessary for ensuring that they look beautiful. Read the tips given below and know how to care for color treated hair.

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