If you are looking for some personal grooming and appearance tips, this lifestyle guide is just perfect for you. Check out some of the best tips on personal grooming for men & women.

How To Choose Your Beauty Salon

Choosing a good salon could make all the difference between one bad hair day and three bad hair months. Here’s how to choose your beauty salon.

How To Look Younger

Fighting ageing and the changes it brings to the body deals more with internal health than the cosmetology. Here’s how to look younger.

Dressing Right To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

Dressing right when meeting your girlfriend’s parents is crucial to the impression you will build. Read on to know how to dress to impress your girlfriend’s parents.

How To Get Cleavage With A Backless Dress

Wish to rock the prom night with a stunning backless wear but anxious of underplaying your assets? Here are some ways on how to get cleavage with a backless dress without going overboard.

How To Look Super Skinny

Are you more game for sylphlike shape than fulsome figure? If yes, then these tips on how to look super skinny can get you high up on the leaner ladder and make you look a real rage.

How To Dress For Your Body Type For Men

Wondering how clothes give models a perfect look? Well, it is all about knowing your body type & shape. Explore the article and get tips on how to dress for your body type for men.

How To Choose A Haircut

Bored of flaunting the same hairstyle and plan to do a hair revamp? If yes, then knowing which haircut would fit your style will help. Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right haircut.

How to Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

Need to catch up with an important family function next week, but caught up due to a bad pluck or wax? Glance through the article to know the tips on how to make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker.

How To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

Does the corner of your eyes resemble the peel of a worn out apple? If yes, it is time for reducing the wrinkles. Consider these tips on how to reduce under eye wrinkles & flaunt a more gorgeous you.

Evening Wear Shopping Tips

Do you find yourself on a sticky wicket while shopping for evening wear? If so, check out tips on what to wear in the evenings.

How To Choose Right Color Clothes

Our choice of colors reveals our inner personality. Find out how to choose the best colored clothes for your wardrobe.

How To Stop Razor Burn

A close shave can often leave you with a stinging sensation on your skin. Here are some useful tips for men on how to stop razor burn, when knocking off those facial hairs.

How To Get Rid Of Panty Lines

Visible panty lines can spoil your sensational outfits. Read the article below for few tips on how to get rid of panty lines.

How to Look Slimmer Than You Are

If you hadn’t had the time to hit the gym of late and are conscious about your bulging paunch, check out the tips in the article, to know how to look slimmer/ thinner than what you really are.

How to Remove Nicotine Stains From Moustache

Years of smoking can cause your moustache to develop ugly brown tint, which makes removing the unsightly stain a necessity. Know how to remove nicotine stains from moustache with the following tips.

How To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair For Men

Pubic hair is a serious cause of worry for men especially if it is thick. Learn how to remove the pubic hair, which is discussed in the article below.

How To Remove Chest Hair

Some people like chest hair and for some it’s a turn off. Here are few tips on how to get rid of your chest hair.

Home Remedies For Excessive Underarm Sweating

Got sweaty arms, but don’t know how to get rid of them? If yes, then reading these natural tips would be of help. Read on to learn home remedies for treating excessive underarm sweating.

How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes

Are those eye bags causing you a lack of sleep; find some ways to get rid of those unwanted eye bags, here.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair

There are many myths related to removing pubic hair. Here are given the best ways in which you can get rid of the pubic hair.

Basic Tips For Model Looks

Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss! Would you want to add your name in the list? Learn how to get a model look.

Beauty Tips For Men

The contemporary time has lead to men being as conscious about their look as women are. Go through this article, to get beauty and grooming tips for men, which would help you get the desired look.

Smelly Belly Button

Having a stinky discharge from the navel is a fairly common problem. Check out information on causes and treatment for smelly belly button.

How To Lose Chin Fat

What do you do when you see that unwanted sag under your chin? Freak out? Double chin never makes for a happy sight, but there are ways to get rid of it. Read on to know how to lose chin fat.

How To Get Rid Of Unibrow

A single thick brow that extends to the bridge of the nose is often a nuisance. Here’s how to get rid of the Unibrow.

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