A handbag is not merely a style statement but is an absolute necessity for women. Browse though the article to know about each type of handbag available in the market.

Types Of Handbags

While a dog is man’s best friend, it’s a handbag that is woman’s finest companion. It stays with her through thick and thin, dire needs and is much needed need for style. Wherever she goes it follows, or is taken along; an unbreakable bond exists between the two. Playing to this advantage, manufacturers too have now broadened the horizon, with different types of handbags available in virtually innumerable designs and colours, creating, rather than waiting, even more of cravings (to own different styles for different moods and occasions) among the bag holders. So, from the conventional shoulder strap bags and clutches to ultra-modern wristlets and totes and laptop bags, the market is flooded with a whole lot of them. Sure, you want it all. But to actually know which type you need for a particular occasion is the priority. And for that to happen, you need to understand the basic difference between each type of bag and why and what you may need it for. To simplify your problem of choice, go through the section to know more about each type of handbag and grab one, or more, soon.
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Different Types Of Handbags
Shoulder Strap Bag
The most common among all the bags for women, the shoulder strap bag is also the most preferred, for obvious reason – ease in carrying. It usually has a single or double strap that goes over the shoulders and is available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your comfort and fashion. The best thing about it is that you pair one with either casual or formal attire. Shoulder strap bags are also good to go with jeans and t-shirts.
Hand Bag
As the name suggests, a hand bag is to be carried in a hand rather than slinging it across the shoulder which makes it slightly less preferable to the women, for obvious reason – need a hand to hold on to the bag, leaving you a little tied up. Still, a hand bag, by all means is one among the most preferred of handbags. Available in elegantly brilliant designs, hand bags go best with formals and semi-formals and good to go for a short travel.
Satchel Bag
A satchel bag is basically a shoulder strap bag but with elongated straps, one or two, and is slung across the shoulder. It comes in many stylish designs—made from leather to canvas and goes well with formals as well as casuals— and is perfect to wear, whether to office (leather made) or for short or long errands. Its spacious insides, along with your makeup and other necessary travel items, can also accommodate important documents.
Hobo Bag
The crescent shaped hobo bags are one of a kind; they maintain all the carrying comfort while providing enough room to keep your valuables (no documents unless in a file). They fit somewhere between the length of a shoulder strap bag and a satchel and are available in many vibrant colours and designs. Pair them with a jeans or skirts, during summers, and establish your style statement. 
As its name suggests, a clutch is more of a hand held purse than a hand bag but unlike a hand bag, it is comfortable to carry because of its small size and weight. It can only accommodate some money, cards, and only a few of makeup and skin care items. And though a clutch goes well with casuals, it best compliments the look of an Indian sari.
A wristlet is technically a clutch but with slight addition – a small strap at one of its ends that allows you to put your hand through the strap and attach it to your wrist. This keeps the hand free for other things whereas the wristlet too stays safe, wrapped around your wrist. As it is with a clutch, a wristlet too goes well with casuals but compliments the Indian sari look the best.
Tote Bag
A tote is an oversized bag best suited for short travel or grocery shopping. Made of soft fabrics, a tote bag also has an adjustable strap that can be set according to your own length. In this age when plastic bags are a big no-no, tote bags are a welcome change. Not only can they accommodateyou while shopping, they add to the style statement as well, proving their utmost worth.
Laptop Bag
For a corporate woman who’s always on the go, a laptop bag is a must. If you are one then to reduce your misery, a laptop bag isn’t just meant for keeping your laptop but your personal items as well that are inseparable while travelling. Made of soft leather, a laptop bag is as sturdy as it is convenient and heightens the impact of the corporate look.
Beach Bag
A beach bag, contrary to what the name suggests, isn’t just meant to carry to beach; it can be held on to while on to a picnic, gym, or a casual stroll to anywhere. These colourful beach bags, ideally made of cloth or jute and straw, sometimes, are also provided with a plastic sheen that protects them from moisture. Available in many exquisite designs, beach bags go fantastically well with vibrant casual attire.
Saddle Bag
Women looking for something more flashy as well as something extra, in terms of look & design and ample number of pockets to keep their accessories respectively can opt for a saddle bag instead of, well, any other handbag. The spirited designs available for these bags go well with casuals as well as formals and semi-formals.
Cosmetic Bag
The name says it all. Available in different shapes and sizes, a cosmetic bag is meticulously designed, allowing you to carry all your cosmetics without the fear of spillage or damage. However, carrying anything other than cosmetics (except say a cell phone or a comb and mirror), isn’t what it is made for. Looks best with semi-formals and casuals.
Muff Bag
Blessings to the manufacturers who came up with an innovative idea, aka muff bag, to keep your hand warm during winters. Made of wool, velvet or sometimes fur, a muff bag has opening on either side, in which you can easily slip in your hands during cold temperatures. Plus, the muff bag also solves of the basic purpose—accommodating valuables while travelling—of being a handbag.
Doesn’t matter if you have grown from a teenage girl to a woman, for a backpack has and always will be among the popular choices. Available in stylish designs and colours, a backpack is a must have and makes for a totally different style statement.
Duffle Bag
A duffle bag is the biggest of all the handbags and the drawstring opening at the top allows for accommodation of a whole lot of stuff inside it. It is generally used by women for long travel or by sportswomen.

Now that you are able to differentiate one type of handbag from another, go get your hands on one, or as many as you like, and be the proud owner of these immaculate stylish beauties. You can buy all the handbags and purses mentioned above at bags109.com.

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