Whether moving on from the age-old razor to an electric razor or looking to know about the correct way of shaving with electric razor, this article on electric razors for men will help you out.

Electric Razors For Men

An important meeting with a business prospect at 10 am had you worriedly sick. All the more when you got up in the morning and saw your own reflection in the mirror; for you had forgotten to shave last night and the clock was already showing 8:59 am. After another horrible thought of losing the prospect because of shabby presentation, you opened the drawer and tried to locate where you had kept your razor blades. The clock ticking like a time bomb continued to give you seizures after every few minutes. You got hold of the blades and now the shaving stick was missing. Thinking as if this may be a well thought of plan made by your personal hygiene items to throw you off course, you jumbled and fumbled but got all your items in place, ready to shave. The clock stood at 9:10 am now; about the same time your prospect got out of bed and went into his bathroom. As you started applying shaving foam on your face, your prospect was washing his face. At the very moment when you started to shave your thick cactus like beard, your prospect took out his electric razor and it went bzzzz. It was time for your second coat; the same time when your prospect was halfway through in shaving. The time stood at 9:20 am. You hurried and got yourself a few cuts, while he was nearing the end and was ready with the aftershave lotion. While you were still fumbling with your cuts, he had already took a shower and was dressed. 15 minutes to 10 am, your prospect leaves for the meeting looking clean and handsome, while you are still fidgeting for your clothes. You called him up and informed that you’ll be a little late. He took the news well but got up and left immediately after the call. You arrived half an hour late, only to find that the deal was off, for he had already left. There’s an important lesson in here, isn’t it? Get an electric razor and save yourself the trouble of having to go through an agonizing process of shaving in the old fashioned way. If you don’t know how to use an electric razor; continue reading.
How To Use An Electric Shaver
  • Cleaning up your face before cleaning up your beard is recommended if you want to get a good shave without ruining your electric razor. Wash your face with gentle face wash and get rid of all the oiliness that could also slime up the razor (it will result in uneasy shaving experience for you and your razor).
  • In case your beard has grown to inappropriate lengths, it’s a good option to trim it with a scissor before you let the electric razor anyway near it. Shaving without trimming can lead your razor to get stuck and eventually get lost inside the shadows of your beard (just for comic effect). On a serious note, you will definitely have to clean up your razor a whole lot of times during the shaving session.
  • If the razor if brand new; it is ready to be used and make its presence felt. However, if it is relatively old or has a scuffed up blade and screen; it is recommended to either get a new blade (if it’s over a year old) or clean it up before shaving for short and smooth shave. Read its manual to learn about how to clean it. The blade is easily removable and comes off with the top.
  • It’s time to use the electric razor. For a close shave, shave against the direction in which your beard has been growing. Sometimes, after hundreds of shaves, it becomes tough tell in which direction the beard hair are going. If that’s the case, run the palm of your hand on your beard and you’ll be able to know their direction.
  • It is advisable to make small circular rotations if the stubble is short. But, long circular rotations should be made for the longer stubble. Try not to shave at one spot for too long as doing so can cause skin irritation and a possible razor burn. Use one hand to pull out the skin of your face while you shave on it.
  • After you’re done, wash your face and apply an aftershave lotion on your face. Moisturize if needed.
Although using an electric razor is not like operating heavy machinery, it will still take some time to get used to the whole procedure because the way an electric razor removes the hair is different from the way a normal razor does. All said and done, electric razor is still a more convenient way to shave.

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