Looking for a hairstyle that will make all heads turn? Then braids are any day your bet! Here is a quick roundup on different braid styles for men. Scroll down this write-up and choose your style.

Braids For Men

Wish to give the hippest Hollywood tribe heartburn with your uber-cool punk-rock style? Then you definitely need to go beyond bad boy spikes and crazy faux hawks and create your own signature style! Dump the spray wax, pomade, mousse and gels, and customize your own style statement. Talking of uber-chic hairstyles, there is no cooler style than the hip and happening braids.  Always in vogue and immortalized by style icons like David Beckham, Snoop Dogg and Allen Iverson, braids have been a showstopper everywhere, from runways to the red carpet to the soccer fields and more. An Afro-American hairdo, braids are one style that will make people stop and take notice of you. Knowing how to wear a braid with panache can leave you looking anywhere between dapper and dumpy. Braids are easy to style and come with tons of styling options. Someone had rightly said that when it comes to plaiting a man’s hair, imagination is the limit.  Whether you are bowled over by Orlando Bloom’s warrior-like slim plaits from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ or would like to duplicate Johnny Depp’s a la ‘Jack Sparrow’ style from ‘Pirates Of The Carribean’, these braid styles will surely inspire you to don a few plaits yourself. So what are you waiting for? Trail down this write-up on braid styles for men that make hair styling look just like a cakewalk. Pick your style and get styling!
Braid Styles For Men

Micro Braids

Love it or hate it, the cool, funky and absolutely stylish micro braid is high on style and is a quite fashion statement in itself! A hair trend put in vogue by the Afro-Americans, this totally hip hairstyle, also known as ‘invisible braids’, comprises of several small, thin, finely woven, delicate braids. The best part about this hairstyle is that it’s extremely simple to style and easy to care for. You can wear your braids loose, tie them in a simple knot or customize your own unique style for a completely personalized fashion statement. No matter how you style your braid, make sure that you don’t cause much tension to your mane or else your hair might just turn fragile and break off. If properly cared for, your micro braids can look stunning and stay good for up to 3 months.
If you are looking to grab the ladies’ attention and keep the guys tuned in, then cornrow is the style for you. Absolutely hip and totally trendy, this hairdo, made a huge fashion rage by Allen Iverson, R Kelly, Ludacris, and Omarion, is a style to die for. Akin to the French braids, cornrows are plaited close to the scalp and look extremely groovy and stylish. From simple and uncomplicated zigzags to cool intricate geometric-styled plaits, you can twist and turn your mane anyway you want for a perfect fashion statement. Try this style and you won’t ever wear your hair out again!
Box Braids
Dig for a braid style that is simple yet sassy? Go for box braids and you won’t wear your hair open ever. Comprising of several braids, this style offers a lot of flexibility in terms of styling. Since these braids are not attached to the scalp, they can be worn and styled in any way you want. A style especially created for long hair, box braids can last up to several weeks and is easy to care for. On particularly lazy days, you can pull back your box braids into a ponytail or twist the braids into a funky updo.
Short Braids
Would love to wear a braid but got a short cop? Try twisting your hair into super-funky spiked braids, styled especially for short hair. If you enjoy attention and love to play it cool, then short braids are the thing for you. Spiked braids are a sized down version of the conventional long braids. These braids are woven close to the scalp, tend to stand erect, and hence have been popularly called as spiked braids. However, if spikes aren’t your thing, then you can either go for x rows or settle with triangular braids which are equally high on fashion and style.
Braids are and will always be high on fashion! Not only does it looks tidy and chic, but also adds an interesting dimension to your boring hair days. Go for any of these braid styles for men and pep up your style quotient. Rest assured, women won’t stop drooling over you!

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