Got a baby bump? Dump the maxi dress and flaunt your bump with cool maternity shirts scribbled with funny notes. For some cool inspiration on the same, read on.

Funny Maternity Shirts

Think getting pregnant can do terrible things to your wardrobe? If yes, then join the crowd.  Well, you don’t really have to hide your baby bump behind those unflattering plus-sized maternity gowns forever. Dump those boring overalls and maxi gowns and switch on to some trendy, comfy maternity tees and shirts that come scribbled with funny, cutesy, and quirky quotes and go LOL. Whether lounging around the house with friends or out for shopping on the streets, these funny maternity shirts can make for great style statements and are a must-have for every momma-to-be. You can pair them with your favorite denims and totally rock the show. What’s more, if you are totally grossed out about random people rubbing your belly or can’t swallow the dumb advices of your rude mothers-in-law, offhand sisters-in-law and nosey neighbors, then these funny maternity shirts can put a check on their actions for good. Pregnancy can be anything from fun to frustrating. Make the most of your pregnancy with these tongue-in-cheek one-liners and enjoy the transition. Have fun!
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Funny Maternity Shirt Messages
  • Let the whole world know that the stork is on it’s way: “A great adventure is about to begin.”
  • For a momma-to-be who exudes oomph: “You are looking at one hot mama to be.”
  • Demonstrate your special flair for arts and crafts: “I am so crafty I make people.”
  • Grossed out with the idea of people rubbing your bump all the time? Try this: “Yes! You can touch my belly. And if the baby doesn't kick you, I will!”
  • Another way to keep the belly rubbers at bay: “Do not touch.”
  • Can’t stomach the old wives’ tales, delivery horror stories and dumb advice? Try this and put an end to these jabbers for good: “I’m sorry, but your opinion on my size, what I’m having, when I’m having it, what I eat, what I do while pregnant is Not Required!”
  • Wish to be a momma with oodles of attitude? Try this one: “I can lose fat, but you can’t lose the ugly.”
  • Fed up of the snide remarks on the expanding increasing size of your family? Think of this: “No, we are not trying to overpopulate the earth, we just want to outnumber the idiots!”
  • Got two peas in a pod? Allay your anxiety with this funny text: “Sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get two.”
  • Another way to let the world know that you are carrying twins: “Good things come in two’s.”
  • Has pregnancy got you high on food? Try this: “Yes, I'm pregnant, are you gonna eat that?”
  • Pregnancy hormones can get you different kind of a rush. Try this caution message and get people out of your way: “Danger, due to the influence of pregnancy hormones I could burst into tears or kill you in the next five minutes. You have been warned.”
  • Another line of caution: “Warning! Pregnancy hormones at work, stand clear!”
  • Tech head or gadget freak? Show your status bar with this message: “Beautiful baby loading.”
  • Hate the snide remarks on your burgeoning belly? Try this: “Careful, I ATE the last person who commented on my weight!”
For all the momma’s-to-be who are sick of unwanted belly rubs, these funny maternity shirt messages can be perfect ways to let the entire world know how you feel.

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